Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hi!!! I'm ALIVE!!!!

OMG....blogger is working again on this computer! It hasn't worked forever!

I've had a revision surgery and I'm back at work and I'm alive! I know you were all wondering...


Or not.

Ok...maybe some of you were. I choose to believe some of you were. :)

I did go in on October 19 as planned for my revision surgery and all went well. I actually came out of it looking even BETTER than the first time because she had to pull the skin TIGHTER than before AND, because she is a perfectionist (thank HEAVENS!) and the tightening was going to leave "pleats" on my "mons pubis" region, I got another pubis revision as well...and that looks even better than before, too! I'm going to look effin amazing in a pair of underwear (if we all ignore my thunder thighs) if these flimmin flammin drains EVER COME OUT!!!

Yes, here we go again with the never ending drain saga. It's actually not QUITE as bad as last time, because I'm only 3 weeks post-op and they do look like they are going to come out sometime soon...where as last time they were in for 74 freakin days and only came out because the giant freakin hole in my gut took over the fluid draining process....this time we are only at 20 days and they are actually decreasing in quantity enough to believe they might come out either by Friday (at least the right side will) or possibly some time next week. In the mean time, the right side is AGAIN trying to inch out on it's own...which is not the most comfortable thing in the world...and the left side has 2 holes in it which I have mended with DUCT I look very "Ghetto Chic".
Itty bitty holes in drain tubes that are causing an
air leak in a system that works by suction....not good. :/

I do have a teeny, tiny wound again...but when I say tiny, it's literally the size of a pencil eraser and the surgeon isn't even calling it "necrotic tissue" (though I am because it looks the same to me)....she says it's simply a scab. What's not bad, regardless....I can put a Band-Aid on it as soon as the stupid drains come out.
Current wound...nothing compared to last time.
I can't explain why it happened again. I was assured
the odds were very, very low.
So going into this secondary procedure, I was pretty terribly deformed from the "contracture" that took place during the healing process. In it's final days it really did start closing in very fast and was significantly smaller. But it left my tummy looking gnarly as hell. I'm posting pictures of what it looked like the night before surgery because I don't believe these photos to be gory in any way...the hole is there, but it's the size of a small post-it note and barely noticeable in the photo with all the layers of deformity around it, so you should not be shocked or grossed out now like the other photos (but if you are, I'm sorry). I've pixilated out all the fun stuff...but you can see how my awesome boobs turned out...even with the pixilation.

On the last day, the gauze you see on the left is all I
was able to "pack" the wound with, whereas the gauze
 on the right was the original amount that I packed
 it with when this all started, so you can see
there was significant shrinkage over time.
The next two photos are shots of how I looked laying down in the days immediately after the procedure. I'm sorry to say I don't have anything more recent than that at the moment. I've been waiting for these damn tubes to come out...and a decent shower....but these are pretty good. I had to take them laying down because you aren't supposed to stand without the binder for a while after the surgery. But you can tell things were already looking pretty darn good.

The surgeon had to cut a great deal of skin away because it was important to re-attach "new skin to new skin"...this scar revision couldn't simply be done by opening along the scar and re-attaching again along the scar. That is why I had such a nice, tight tummy when she was done. And she went up pretty high and down below the wound to accomplish it. She also had to cut around my belly button again, so I have a smaller scar around my button now than I did before. Hopefully it heals as nicely as it started to before things went all to hell. I'm staying optimistic that this will be the end of my TT journey. Believe it or not, I am scheduled for my 4 month follow-up (from original surgery, of course) in just a couple weeks.

All this recovery time (again) has me laying around (again) during a LOT of online Christmas sales...sadly, I've been spending money on Amazon like I'm loaded. I am not...but it's been fun. I bought the following dress....because I've always wanted to dress like a 50's housewife...

...and it kinda disguises the drains!

Unfortunate fall-out of the timing of this procedure...or more-so the slow progress of my recovery...has been that I had to miss my husband's company Christmas party in Dallas...which was all expenses paid....and my own company Christmas party, and an all expense paid trip to Ft. Lauderdale for a conference, all because of these stupid drain tubes. Ugh...

Conversation between me and my husband
who works for an airline, as we try to determine
if I can fly with surgical drains in me.

The one question/comment/concern I do have for the lap band community is that I do have significant swelling on the port side of my belly...which also happens to be the side that the drain is taking longer to slow down on this time around. I'm wondering if this is normal and if it is going to lead to long-term issues? Also wondering if I should discuss with Dr. Hunter (my LB doc). Throughout both procedures I've had discomfort around the port itself, so tissue irritation could be the cause, but I'm wondering if it is going to cause me issues long-term. I've just recently begun some light googling on the topic. If anyone knows anyone whose been there/done that, I'd love to hear some thoughts. The swelling is stretching out my nice, tight, 10 thousand dollar belly on the left side...that's rather annoying. LOL  However...when I did get my fill last time, the surgery had managed to flatten out my port, which had been awkwardly angled prior to the surgery making it difficult for C to do her there was a plus. :)


  1. looks so much better! I can't even imagine how hopeful and relieved you are and I can't wait to see your progress. Thanks for being so open and sharing. And the dress is super cute!

  2. Your boobs look AMAZING! I'm glad you're getting better, even if it is happening slowly.

  3. You are one strong lady! I am still laughing at your text conversation with your hubby about flying! So funny! You look amazing and I love your 50s housewife dress! Happy New Year!