Saturday, October 24, 2015

I love my perky boobs

Updating is hard these days, I tell ya...

Here is the quick run down...then you can decide if you want to proceed:

  • Boobs look amazing
  • Victoria is still open but is healing approximately 1cm every 10 days
  • I am scheduled for revision surgery to close the wound November 19
  • I'm back to work full time
  • I finally got a fill
  • Varicose veins: my next insurance challenge

So my boobs have, that's a weird thing to say....and they look AWESOME. I'm so happy I did this. I wish I had done it a thousand years ago. It was worth every penny as far as I'm concerned. They are still bigger than I thought they would be, I'm still in a D cup for now, but first of all, I'm OK with that. Second, they say results aren't final till you hit six months, and third, I have gained some weight so it could change, but I don't we'll see. Either way, I'm happy.

My wound, AKA "Victoria" is progressing well, supposedly. I actually am starting to notice rather rapid healing in the last 2 weeks. I wouldn't say I could tell much before that, but apparently the doctor could. Measurements showed about 1cm improvement every 10 days. I swear in the last week that is increasing. 

I've made an animation of the wound over time that you can see by clicking here (I didn't want to embed it.) I will warn you, it's gross. It starts with the necrotic incision, which honestly is the least disgusting portion of the process. Then proceeds through how it looked after a few days treatment with Silvadene, then the first debridement, which is where it looks horrifying and you see fat and goo and other stuff (that's where I sank into my mental hole)...and then the second debridement which is where it just starts to look like a giant crater in my gut, through to today.

You can also see in the photos a weird skin deformation that is happening on my right side (left in the photo) that is occurring because of the "undermining" of the tissue causing some scarring and tightening above my naval. This and other reasons is why I'm going in for a revision surgery, which is officially scheduled for November 19...thank heavens!!! I so can't wait! I just want to be over this portion of my life with the dressing changes and the weird openings, yadda, yadda, yadda...

I don't even want to talk about how much money I'm spending on dressing material...ugh. Let's not forget that this was an elective procedure, so the complication is not covered by insurance...which is awesome.

In the meantime, I am back to work full time, which is going well. I've only had very minor wound drainage issues since returning. The wound drains much much less than it used to so it is much easier to keep up with these days. I've also mastered the art of applying diaper rash cream to my skin, since I was literally getting diaper rash from having soaking wet bandages stuck to my skin all day every day for this darn thing. Really...this has been a treat. *eye roll*

In other news, I did finally get a fill and I'm back in the green zone. Oh man is it good to be back! I saw Dr. Hunter on an unrelated issue and asked him to evaluate my candidacy for a fill given my wound situation and he did that and reported to C that it could be done, to simply drape sterilize the area well and otherwise there would be no issue. So you bet your sweet bippy I was in the very next chance I got to get that fill...which was 48 hours later. We replaced most (but not all) of the fluid that was removed prior to surgery and currently I am in an awesome, AWESOME place. I feel amazing control. I've had no issues with being stuck...I'm eating exactly the right amounts, I'm not searching for food, I'm seldom hungry, I'm making great food's been grand. I just need to get more weight off. I'm so happy to be filled back up. I believe the "revision" is considered a "minor procedure" and an unfill will not be required.

Lastly for this post, throughout the surgery recovery I had a devil of a time controlling the swelling in my right leg. I've had swelling issues in both my legs ever since my spinal cord injury back in 2002, but I usually just wear compression stockings and keep my feet up for a day...and take hydrochlorothiazide keep the swelling down and all is well. But with all the lymphatic issues created by this procedure, my right leg just never seemed to catch back up and I started getting throbbing pain below my noticeable ropey varicose vein. At one point I was actually concerned that I did, in fact, have a DVT because the leg was just so much larger than the left and looked "weird". So the day I went in for the fill, I noticed that C also happens to work in the clinic that does the varicose vein stuff, so I asked her to look at my leg to see if she thought I needed to be seen for DVT. She said it wouldn't hurt to rule it out, and we went ahead and did the full study to determine if I had venous insufficiency anyway, which I did on the right but not the left. Now I'm moving forward to see if my insurance company will allow me to have the laser ablation to have that vein resolved. I'm not holding my breath. They have been a nightmare lately.

Anyway, that's it for now. I have a bunch of school related stuff to rest for this crazy lady! I'll check back in soon, I swear...hopefully with cute Halloween pictures.

OH...PS....My friend just gave me a free Bowflex! I'm excited! I think it increases my in home workout options a lot! Anyone else reading this have one?