Tuesday, May 26, 2015

We're expecting! A furbaby, that is!

That's right...it's official! Kismet comes home Thursday!

The foster mom is bringing him Thursday morning to transition him over. Sadly her kids have gotten attached so this is going to be rough on them. I've told her they can visit any time, as I know they don't live far at all. As you may recall, we all met in a park near my house. We are literally all within walking distance of each other.

I haven't told our girls and haven't confirmed with the girls' mom yet (which is why I'm keeping this off FB for now). I want them to be surprised when they come on Friday. It was the first thing Cedara asked when she came in last Friday, and at the time it was still looking bad, so I told her I was not very optimistic. I was wrong!

A new baby! Actually...technically...he's an adolescent, as he is already 2 years old (best as they can tell based on his teeth).

Oh boy...I'm so excited!

You can bet there will be pictures soon!