Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Messiest 5k On the Planet and Skin Shots

I finished a 5k today...I'm still cleaning up from it.

My family did the Color Run in Seattle. It was SOOOOO much fun. But Oh. My. Word. What a mess. I was prepared for a mess....but really. Wow. What a mess.

The weather was PERFECT for this one. And while it took me 1.5 hours to complete it, I did ACTUALLY complete the whole 5k this time...with my family by my side. I'm proud. And blue. Not blue emotionally...seriously, physically blue.

I highly recommend this race to anyone who isn't afraid of a whole lot of messy...and fun. It is one big party. My kids had a blast. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Post race party....with more color powder

You have the option of having some of the powder blown
off of you....this is an action shot.

Now...for a couple skin shots to go along with my last post AND this post. I told you this race was messy. And in my last post I talked about my *fingers crossed* potential plastic surgery coming up. I share this with you...WLS blog community...because...well...I know you all wonder about these sorts of things. Below are photos my husband took post-race, pre-shower, of the mess the color run left on me even under my clothes. It's a pretty good view of the mess my skin is (and isn't, in some cases) that I hope to have fixed soon. The pics aren't so graphic that if they got spread across the internet I'd be I think I'm ok posting them here.

I'm holding the pendulous boobies UP and they look almost like normal boobies (I do this often...whistfully). If I let go they would be somewhere down near my me. As you can see, there is the weird upper stomach thing (that my oldest step-daughter refers to as my "other boobs")...that's the part that wouldn't be resolved with a standard tummy tuck. It just hangs there over my abs. It's not going anywhere. This is why I would need the fleur de lis style tummy tuck.

But as you can see from my back shape isn't all that bad...when So from a WLS perspective, things turned out pretty well. I just need a few tweeks. And maybe a I look less smurf-like.

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  1. yes, I used to do the same things with me old boobies. Getting lift and implants was so worth the money I had to pay. I was going to say isn't it weird how all of our stomachs do different things. Maybe it's the way we held the weight? Congrats on finishing the 5k!