Thursday, May 28, 2015

It's a boy!

A little preparation. The night before he arrived, I went out and bought him a collar and a new toy.
Before I jump into all the Kismet pics, can I just say we just had a new sofa and loveseat delivered, Levi and Lily have already picked out their favorite new spots. It's literally been 5 minutes since the delivery guys left. 
Everyone, this is Kismet...Kismet, this is everyone...
Kismet doesn't hold I have a hard time getting pictures of him.
Maybe if I can just distract him for a few minutes with this bone...
So I can show off my new white dog on my new brown sofa....yeah...poor planning.
So I took the day off from work today because Scott had to not only start work extra early yesterday, but also ended up having extra late flights so he worked some insane long day AND the dog was scheduled to be dropped off at our house at 9:30 in the morning AND the sofa and loveseat we had ordered had coincidentally been assigned a 10-2 delivery window. There was just no way this dog...who we had been warned needs lots of exercise and interaction...was going to manage a transitional day with me at work all day and Scott sleeping. So I took a vacation day.

Well...thank goodness I did. Holy crapsnacks. This dog is high strung. I thought Peyton was a spaz. This dog is a spaz times 1000! I'm freakin beat!

He had a walk with the foster mom before being dropped off.

Then Scott walked him in the park solo.

Then Scott walked him with our other two dogs.

Then he played. Non-stop. From 11am till 5pm. I swear to you...the dog did not slow down. Once. He may actually be the death of me. How can any being have this much energy?

Here's a little video of him entertaining himself in the living room for a few minutes. He found the doggie-toy basket and pulled each thing out to check it out. He liked the squeaky things most of all, naturally.

Also...I kept him on leash in the house most of the day due to the transition. Which is good. Because he peed on our DVD player in the first half hour of being in the house. And later he peed on my bathroom wall when I was trying to put my hair in a ponytail and wasn't watching him. Later he attempted to pee in the exercise room but I stopped him before any moisture hit the air. One time when I let him off leash to show him how to use the doggie door he got loose running through the house and spazzed out like a holy terror. Poor Scott was the brunt of that one...sound asleep and the spaz kept trampling all over him in his mini-rampage through the house. I'm sure some of this is transition anxiety. It will calm down. But holy hell. It's been a long day. 

At one point I put him in a travel harness and buckled him into the car to run to the pet store to buy more bones (because the other dogs wanted in on the bone action)...and that's when he finally simmered down. LIKE A TODDLER! The trick might actually be taking this kid for a drive! Are you kidding me? 


Once we got back from the pet store...I finally got I sit here, writing this blog: 

Yes...he's finally sitting still.

I'm in love though. He's a wild child, but I love him.


  1. I can't see the video bc it is private! How old is he again?

  2. Oh, sorry. Only my second youtube upload. Try now. He is believed to be 2 years old based on his teeth. He is a rescue so there is not much known about him except that he was saved from being euthanized in California and shipped to Washington. That's really all that is known. Since that time he's been in 2 foster homes (one in California prior to transport and one here) and he's been fixed. All else that is known is based on the experience of the foster families.

  3. I am glad to have found your blog again! Love your new baby

  4. What an adorable little handful!