Saturday, May 9, 2015

Hopes are officially up...I can't help it

So monday I looked in the mirror and just couldn't stand the look of my boobs anymore. I went to on my insurance website...and looked for a plastic surgeon who was in network to attempt to seek a breast reduction that would be covered by my insurance.

I found one and had the consult yesterday. Because of the amount of tissue I have lost, it is frankly a close call...but we are going to give it a go. They hang super duper low but there is not that much fat left in them. When all is said and done I will go from stuffing my droopy boobies into a 36FF into, hopefully, a 36C. I have officially been submitted for approval. (By the way, at my highest I wore a 44G)

My hopes are officially up. I can't help it. I want this so stinkin bad.

And...if it gets approved...I'm likely going for a fleur de lis tummy tuck as well. THAT will cost me...but Scott has given me the ok. The hanging skin just is never going to go anywhere...and I can see the potential...and after the consult, I'm so dang excited.

So my options appear to be:

1. If insurance approves, then boobies lifted, tummy tucked (full meal deal) - the cost will be high but I so want this.
2. If insurance approves, then boobies lifted only (this won't cost much at fact less than $1000 out of pocket)
3. If insurance doesn't approve, boobies lifted only (cuz this will take up all our money and then some)

As I explained to my husband...the boobs have to be done...they are sad. Just plain sad. I could potentially live with the apron...but the way. Nuh-uh. I've had these pendulous danglers forever. I want perky C's...I deserve perky C's...for once. I had droopy DD's by 7th time has come.

The doctor seems optimistic that insurance will approve given my extensive history. She also...jokingly said, that a woman should "be able to hold a crayon under her breast, not the entire box of 64"...sadly, I could probably hold a couple of those...and a marker set...and maybe a coloring book.

On the tummy tuck, because I've never carried a baby, my abs muscles are in tact (and frankly, look good under this protective layer of I've been joking for years). My back looks really my opinion. My butt looks ok (sags a little...but still pretty full). But I have the full apron hang and then the secondary stomach above the waistline that would not be resolved from a plain tummy tummy the fleur de lis is necessary. muscle work will be required, which is good news in the pain department. It will just be tissue recovery.

She said that she believes she would probably be removing about 6 lbs of tissue in total between breasts and tummy. The scarring would be significant. Full scar from sided to side and one up the center that would actually connect with my heart surgery scar (and correct the lower portion of that scar that healed poorly originally). The breast scars would extend under my arms to resolve skin foldover that I can't stand that is happening under there now. I am fully accepting of these scars. I am a scarred person now. I've had one going down the center of my chest in plain site since 2002. And...
I never planned to be a bikini model.

I really like this doctor. She spent HOURS with me in the consult. The consult I had a few years ago was NOTHING compared to this. Nothing. a woman...she understood some of my basic concerns about the appearance of things (nipple placement, mons-lift, things like that). I really like her a lot.

I should know in a few weeks. And I swear on my soon as I know, I'm scheduling a date. I have 5k in savings right now. I'm doing this. I'm. So. Doing. This.


  1. It sounds like you're ready and you like your surgeon. That's what matters most. Good luck with the insurance. I hoe everything works out for you. Woo hoo new boobs!

  2. My lift and implants (I just wanted a lift at first but he said once he removed all the skin there wouldn't be much actually boobs left) cost me around $12k. My doctor was a little more pricey than some other doctors, but like you, i really liked his bedside manner and his work. And you don't go into a tattoo parlor asking for the cheapest artist. I wore a 36 C/D before the lift, but that was just holding all the skin. I went with 300cc boobies and I am now a 36DD. In clothes, I look exactly the same. And because my breast tissue is thin from all the weight loss, when I am naked, you wouldnt even know they were fake bc they hang nicely. But not like tube socks. They just look natural.