Thursday, May 28, 2015

It's a boy!

A little preparation. The night before he arrived, I went out and bought him a collar and a new toy.
Before I jump into all the Kismet pics, can I just say we just had a new sofa and loveseat delivered, Levi and Lily have already picked out their favorite new spots. It's literally been 5 minutes since the delivery guys left. 
Everyone, this is Kismet...Kismet, this is everyone...
Kismet doesn't hold I have a hard time getting pictures of him.
Maybe if I can just distract him for a few minutes with this bone...
So I can show off my new white dog on my new brown sofa....yeah...poor planning.
So I took the day off from work today because Scott had to not only start work extra early yesterday, but also ended up having extra late flights so he worked some insane long day AND the dog was scheduled to be dropped off at our house at 9:30 in the morning AND the sofa and loveseat we had ordered had coincidentally been assigned a 10-2 delivery window. There was just no way this dog...who we had been warned needs lots of exercise and interaction...was going to manage a transitional day with me at work all day and Scott sleeping. So I took a vacation day.

Well...thank goodness I did. Holy crapsnacks. This dog is high strung. I thought Peyton was a spaz. This dog is a spaz times 1000! I'm freakin beat!

He had a walk with the foster mom before being dropped off.

Then Scott walked him in the park solo.

Then Scott walked him with our other two dogs.

Then he played. Non-stop. From 11am till 5pm. I swear to you...the dog did not slow down. Once. He may actually be the death of me. How can any being have this much energy?

Here's a little video of him entertaining himself in the living room for a few minutes. He found the doggie-toy basket and pulled each thing out to check it out. He liked the squeaky things most of all, naturally.

Also...I kept him on leash in the house most of the day due to the transition. Which is good. Because he peed on our DVD player in the first half hour of being in the house. And later he peed on my bathroom wall when I was trying to put my hair in a ponytail and wasn't watching him. Later he attempted to pee in the exercise room but I stopped him before any moisture hit the air. One time when I let him off leash to show him how to use the doggie door he got loose running through the house and spazzed out like a holy terror. Poor Scott was the brunt of that one...sound asleep and the spaz kept trampling all over him in his mini-rampage through the house. I'm sure some of this is transition anxiety. It will calm down. But holy hell. It's been a long day. 

At one point I put him in a travel harness and buckled him into the car to run to the pet store to buy more bones (because the other dogs wanted in on the bone action)...and that's when he finally simmered down. LIKE A TODDLER! The trick might actually be taking this kid for a drive! Are you kidding me? 


Once we got back from the pet store...I finally got I sit here, writing this blog: 

Yes...he's finally sitting still.

I'm in love though. He's a wild child, but I love him.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

We're expecting! A furbaby, that is!

That's's official! Kismet comes home Thursday!

The foster mom is bringing him Thursday morning to transition him over. Sadly her kids have gotten attached so this is going to be rough on them. I've told her they can visit any time, as I know they don't live far at all. As you may recall, we all met in a park near my house. We are literally all within walking distance of each other.

I haven't told our girls and haven't confirmed with the girls' mom yet (which is why I'm keeping this off FB for now). I want them to be surprised when they come on Friday. It was the first thing Cedara asked when she came in last Friday, and at the time it was still looking bad, so I told her I was not very optimistic. I was wrong!

A new baby! Actually...technically...he's an adolescent, as he is already 2 years old (best as they can tell based on his teeth).

Oh boy...I'm so excited!

You can bet there will be pictures soon!

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Well it was after a nice know...but it counts dammit!

I haven't seen the 170's, in my blogulations...(yes, I made up a new word), since January 4, 2012. You can bet your sweet bippy I'm excited about this. I mean, I'm no saint. I ate 1/4 of an ice-cream pie yesterday, for goodness sake (more on that later)...but still...YAY!

To be fair...I had only consumed a total of 790 calories before consuming the ice-cream it wasn't the end of the world.

Yesterday was the 13th anniversary of the day I was left paralyzed from heart surgery to correct aortic coarctation. I actually had a rather severe coarctation that was repeatedly mis-diagnosed the first 28 years of my life. They literally looked in the wrong spot when they were evaluating my heart murmur and the high blood-pressure I had since I was 10 years old. But anyway...that's another story. I had the surgery to repair the coarctation on May 20, 2002 and woke up from the surgery paralyzed due to a spinal cord injury from a momentary loss of blood to my spine. We didn't fully know for several days that I was paralyzed though, as they kept blaming my "weakness" on my weight (I was 300lbs) and my body's reaction to anesthesia. Again...that's a whole other story. I probably should write those stories. the years have gone on, I sometimes forget as this date draws near. But my best friend who was by my side in the ICU that day has never forgotten and always reminds me. I have very few memories from ICU...but her being there is one of them. Another one is me DESPERATELY trying to watch the final episode of Ally McBeal through my morphine haze...but I digress...

So in 13 years I have very much moved on with my life. My spinal cord injury was "incomplete", which meant that I had a decent chance of learning to walk again with braces or crutches, which I took time, and I still fall, but I do walk. In general, there isn't too much in my life that my injury stops me from doing. I mean, there is stuff...but I still live my life...see...I made this little collage to celebrate my anniversary to post on Facebook:

And it was accompanied by some inspirational thing about it being my 13th anniversary and yadda yadda yadda and look how far I've come and blah blah blah.

And then in the next post I posted about how that was all well and good, but I wish I had the day off work or some cake or something to celebrate the day. Just being cute and jokey. And then I got up and out of bed and started getting ready for work.

Well...while I was getting ready for work, my husband, who gets home from work at 3am, woke up and said he was going to walk the 7am? I was confused...but didn't think much of it. Lately I've been waking him up and he's not been able to get back to sleep. Anyway...I should have known something was up...because as I was on my way out the door to head to the office, the true reason my husband was awake was waiting for me on the kitchen counter:

That, a pie. My husband bought me and ice-cream pie to celebrate my 13th anniversary of my paralysis. He had them write "Happy Differently Abled Day"...which is funny, if you have our weird sense of I thought it was hilarious. Seriously...this was the greatest thing. I love my husband.

I did not eat the pie for breakfast...much as I wanted to. I didn't because I know that if I eat sugar first thing in the morning then I just want it all day long. So I held off. But...I intentionally watched my intake throughout the day so that I could delight in a healthy portion without guilt later in the day.

And I did. 1/4 of the pie.

I will not apologize for this.

Now...having said all I went to Costco and purchased a size 12 pair of shorts that fit.

Granted...they are Gloria Vanderbilt size 12. And the Size 12 jeans from Old Navy in my closet from a couple years ago still don't fit...but says size 12...and that's all I care about. So thhhpppbbbb.

I'm so mature.

Kismet update. I don't think we are going to get selected. No final word yet...but the fact that they are still looking at other possible homes isn't making me feel real optimistic. I'll be okay with this. I just would like to have a final decision.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Current weight: 181.5

Low weight last week: 180.4, but it didn't last long. I think I was dehydrated. Sure was fun to see it for a minute though. :)

I'm a couple months into this Qsymia thing...and sad to say that while it is still working, it is no longer quite as effective as it originally was. But I'm not giving up on it. I'm just starting to notice cravings coming back again. Bummer.

No word from insurance on the surgery yet. I know...I's only been a few days. A girl can dream, right?

On the job front, the job I interviewed for has been "put on hold" while the team goes through a "reorganization"...which I think means it's never going to happen. *sigh*

Meanwhile...the job my husband interviewed appears he is still in the running. But...and that's a big BUT...

Apparently they interviewed FORTY applicants for the position...4 local and 36 from other stations that would have to be relocated (common for his line of work). We only know of ONE of the local applicants that got rejected (a well deserved rejection). The others either haven't been rejected or aren't talking about it. So since Scott hasn't been rejected, we are assuming he's made it to round 2 (though they haven't called him to schedule it yet). But holy cow...40 interviews? 40? Shouldn't they have narrowed the list down a tiny bit? Apparently it's a highly coveted position. All I can say is that I'm involved in doing interviews for my team at my job...I haven't done 40 in the 2 years I've been here...I can't imagine having to do 40 in the last few weeks. UGH.

In Facebook news, a new friend that has only known me since December commented just last night on my before/after photo (the one I use as my profile pic on here, actually), which of course brought it to the top of everyone's feed...which gave it new life. The pic is from 2012...but everyone is commenting on it like I posted it yesterday. Is there a way to shut that down so that people don't see that pic in their feed today? It's uncomfortable for some reason. I guess mainly because back in 2012 I thought it was more of a "look how far of come, nothings gonna stop me now" and then "SCREEACCCHHHH"....slammed to a halt and then sorta bounced up and down with the same 15 pounds for the next 3 years. I'm not super proud of that. I guess it could be worse. But I really just would rather turn the alert off of everyone's feed for today, if possible.

To add some photo-flair to this post, I got this dress from Gwynnie Bee...and then immediately had to purchase it. It was one of the better priced items at only $26. Too cute!

And then two more things...then I'll shut up, I swear. I mentioned a favorite podcaster in a previous post. Well...that podcaster has a group of fans that have started a "babycast" or "fancast", that I was interviewed as a part of the other day. I've never done anything like that before. It was a ton of fun. Maybe I'll post a link to it on here when it comes out...if I have the cajones to do so.

And on a related note...I might adopt another dog. If we are "the chosen ones".

So here's the story...

My new friend Shannon (mentioned above) and I were walking in the park near my house the other day when I spotted a dog from a distance that looked just like my dog that recently passed away. This was weird because my dog was a strange mixed breed that we were never quite able to figure out. So I said to Shannon that I wanted to get a closer look, so we walked in their direction and as we got closer it just was looking more and more like Peyton, only the coloring was different in that this dog had more white than black where Peyton had more black than white. I stopped the woman walking the dog to ask what his breed was and she responded exactly the same way we always responded with Peyton, which was "well, we really don't know. He's some sort of a mix...we think he might be a..." and then she went on to name a few breeds. Then she started to say how he was up for adoption and she was only fostering him.

Well...I don't know about you...but I'm all about fate and signs and I had to know more. So we talked more about this little guy. Now, I know I shouldn't adopt a dog based on the fact that it looks like my dog that I just lost a few weeks ago. But I do believe that fate brought me to talk to this lady in the park with this dog that happens to look like my dog that I just lost a few weeks ago.

He is about 2 years old. He is very smart (perhaps one thing different than Peyton, who was not the brightest dog in the world). He has a wonderful personality. He was scheduled to be euthanized due to overcrowding in California but the shelter couldn't do it because his disposition was just to sweet so they sent him to a rescue organization up here in Seattle. He is excellent with kids and other dogs. He is very high energy and requires lots of exercise (we are used to this as Peyton was the same). We exchanged information and I went home and discussed with Scott. After all, we do still have two other furbabies at we were not exactly in the market for another dog. But Scott is a dog he wasn't going to say no. This was really my choice.

So I put in the adoption request on petfinder and we have since had an in-home visit. Now we are waiting. There is one other family we are up against. So we shall see. If it is meant to be it will happen. The in-home visit couldn't have possibly gone better. In fact, I think Levi and Lily liked him better than they ever liked Peyton...they were more playful with him than I have ever seen them. EVER. The girls ran outside with him for about 30 minutes. They all wore each other out.

When the foster mom left, poor Cedara had a little mini-melt down, not quite understanding that she wasn't going to make the decision right there on the spot (I had told the girls that it wasn't our choice, but I guess I hadn't been clear that the decision wouldn't be made that very day...that was my mistake). But she worked through her emotions. Now...we wait.

Here's a picture of the two dogs. I say this boy (who we will name Kismet if we get him...he's the one on top) is the Yin to Peyton's Yang...

Weird, right?

He's really very sweet. But I'm sure he will be placed in the best possible we will see what happens.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Messiest 5k On the Planet and Skin Shots

I finished a 5k today...I'm still cleaning up from it.

My family did the Color Run in Seattle. It was SOOOOO much fun. But Oh. My. Word. What a mess. I was prepared for a mess....but really. Wow. What a mess.

The weather was PERFECT for this one. And while it took me 1.5 hours to complete it, I did ACTUALLY complete the whole 5k this time...with my family by my side. I'm proud. And blue. Not blue emotionally...seriously, physically blue.

I highly recommend this race to anyone who isn't afraid of a whole lot of messy...and fun. It is one big party. My kids had a blast. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Post race party....with more color powder

You have the option of having some of the powder blown
off of you....this is an action shot.

Now...for a couple skin shots to go along with my last post AND this post. I told you this race was messy. And in my last post I talked about my *fingers crossed* potential plastic surgery coming up. I share this with you...WLS blog community...because...well...I know you all wonder about these sorts of things. Below are photos my husband took post-race, pre-shower, of the mess the color run left on me even under my clothes. It's a pretty good view of the mess my skin is (and isn't, in some cases) that I hope to have fixed soon. The pics aren't so graphic that if they got spread across the internet I'd be I think I'm ok posting them here.

I'm holding the pendulous boobies UP and they look almost like normal boobies (I do this often...whistfully). If I let go they would be somewhere down near my me. As you can see, there is the weird upper stomach thing (that my oldest step-daughter refers to as my "other boobs")...that's the part that wouldn't be resolved with a standard tummy tuck. It just hangs there over my abs. It's not going anywhere. This is why I would need the fleur de lis style tummy tuck.

But as you can see from my back shape isn't all that bad...when So from a WLS perspective, things turned out pretty well. I just need a few tweeks. And maybe a I look less smurf-like.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Hopes are officially up...I can't help it

So monday I looked in the mirror and just couldn't stand the look of my boobs anymore. I went to on my insurance website...and looked for a plastic surgeon who was in network to attempt to seek a breast reduction that would be covered by my insurance.

I found one and had the consult yesterday. Because of the amount of tissue I have lost, it is frankly a close call...but we are going to give it a go. They hang super duper low but there is not that much fat left in them. When all is said and done I will go from stuffing my droopy boobies into a 36FF into, hopefully, a 36C. I have officially been submitted for approval. (By the way, at my highest I wore a 44G)

My hopes are officially up. I can't help it. I want this so stinkin bad.

And...if it gets approved...I'm likely going for a fleur de lis tummy tuck as well. THAT will cost me...but Scott has given me the ok. The hanging skin just is never going to go anywhere...and I can see the potential...and after the consult, I'm so dang excited.

So my options appear to be:

1. If insurance approves, then boobies lifted, tummy tucked (full meal deal) - the cost will be high but I so want this.
2. If insurance approves, then boobies lifted only (this won't cost much at fact less than $1000 out of pocket)
3. If insurance doesn't approve, boobies lifted only (cuz this will take up all our money and then some)

As I explained to my husband...the boobs have to be done...they are sad. Just plain sad. I could potentially live with the apron...but the way. Nuh-uh. I've had these pendulous danglers forever. I want perky C's...I deserve perky C's...for once. I had droopy DD's by 7th time has come.

The doctor seems optimistic that insurance will approve given my extensive history. She also...jokingly said, that a woman should "be able to hold a crayon under her breast, not the entire box of 64"...sadly, I could probably hold a couple of those...and a marker set...and maybe a coloring book.

On the tummy tuck, because I've never carried a baby, my abs muscles are in tact (and frankly, look good under this protective layer of I've been joking for years). My back looks really my opinion. My butt looks ok (sags a little...but still pretty full). But I have the full apron hang and then the secondary stomach above the waistline that would not be resolved from a plain tummy tummy the fleur de lis is necessary. muscle work will be required, which is good news in the pain department. It will just be tissue recovery.

She said that she believes she would probably be removing about 6 lbs of tissue in total between breasts and tummy. The scarring would be significant. Full scar from sided to side and one up the center that would actually connect with my heart surgery scar (and correct the lower portion of that scar that healed poorly originally). The breast scars would extend under my arms to resolve skin foldover that I can't stand that is happening under there now. I am fully accepting of these scars. I am a scarred person now. I've had one going down the center of my chest in plain site since 2002. And...
I never planned to be a bikini model.

I really like this doctor. She spent HOURS with me in the consult. The consult I had a few years ago was NOTHING compared to this. Nothing. a woman...she understood some of my basic concerns about the appearance of things (nipple placement, mons-lift, things like that). I really like her a lot.

I should know in a few weeks. And I swear on my soon as I know, I'm scheduling a date. I have 5k in savings right now. I'm doing this. I'm. So. Doing. This.