Thursday, April 30, 2015

Kicked off the island

Weight today: 185

Mental capacity: seems to be back to normal

Tingle factor: still there, but not as bad as before

Olfactory Senses: sometimes the day I came home and it smelled like the house had been cleaned with latex paint instead of pine sol. That was weird.

But for the most part, it's getting better, as I suspected it might.

Last night I had a bit of a run-in with emotional eating even with the medication due to stupid...STUPID...friend BS that is reminiscent of some high-school TV drama. Get this...I was actually "kicked out" of a crafting group...a crafting group! Not exactly where one would expect to find highly volatile women. I'm confused, and angry. I'm not used to dealing with such ridiculous antics before so this is new territory for me. Accusations (that were false and unfounded) were made against me by one person who has had issues with others in the past. The whole thing was stupid...but for some reason, having my character called into question was a powerful enough force to overcome even the ever-so-powerful effects of the Qsymia and I managed to eat slightly more than my usual caloric amount yesterday. But I will survive. At least there was no ice-cream or Doritos in the house.

In the mean time, I know for sure that the other ladies in the group know that I'm not the person I'm being made out to I can at least rest assured in that knowledge. It's still hard having your character attacked though. And really...over paper crafts. It's not even over something like stealing of diamonds, politics, or flirting with someone else's man...seriously.

Anyway...I was killing some time Sunday after getting my hair done and tried this dress on at Old Navy. It was on clearance and I wanted to buy it...but didn't. Size Large...I swear it looked WAY better in person than in this pic...made me feel super-duper skinny...

Not the greatest pic in the world...but I was just trying to show it to my husband to get him to convince me to buy it. I should have taken the pic from the side...that's where the real skinny-look came into play. I'm still half-tempted to order it on-line.

Also...just for kicks...I thought I'd share this with you. My husband has a knack for finding the most outrageous gifts for people. He bought this set of "prayer candles" for a group of friends at cracks me up. I don't know how he finds this stuff, but he is seriously a pro.

Personally, I don't like extra stuff around my house that I have to I'm alight not keeping these. But knowing that they exist in the world...that just makes me happy.

Still no news from my recent job interview. My husband has a job interview for another position inside his company next week. That position would give him "bankers hours"...which would be nice. As it is right now his schedule changes from month to month and we almost never see each other. But he really, REALLY loves his company. So hopefully this other position works out for him.


  1. That dress is super cute and flattering.
    What did you do put glue in her hair? Should have. Ha ha yes, I'm that juvenile.

  2. Hilarious (the candles), and my neighbor has been exiled from such groups. Granted, she is kinda crazy (she is a new jersey girl), but she is in her late 50's and I am sure that most of the other scrappers where from her church...but high school drama can be found everywhere. Keep your chin up!