Tuesday, April 14, 2015

And with that...

Since this is...after all...a weight loss blog...

Check out this little number!

I'm very proud of this dress! Isn't it cute!

Size Large from NY&Co

Current weight: 188

I'm currently on my 3rd week of Qsymia. I'm certain I would have eaten my way through the grief of the last week if I had not been on it. Frankly...I love the stuff. I don't know how long they will let me stay on it, but it is definitely helping with some issues I've been having with control again. I haven't lost a ton of weight in 3 weeks but I have stopped binge-eating sugar, so that's fantastic.

I can't get too much into it right now because I've spent wayyyyy too much time tonight working on writing and NOT working on preparing for the job interview I have in less than 24 hours...so I should probably go. Yeah...that would be wise...

Thank you all for the kind words in your comments. I do appreciate all of them. I think after the interview tomorrow I will be 100% back to normal.

Ok...I'm going...for real this time....


  1. Wow, super cute dress. Qsymia seems like a promising drug. Let us know how it works out for you.

  2. I had a little Qsymia once. I like it. I am going to ask my doctor either for that or phentermine when I see her next...but she takes some convincing. it's nice to have more control for a few weeks at least!