Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hello March

So February has come to a close...and while it wasn't my greatest month for exercise consistency, it did end on an upswing in the last week.

But then Sunday March 1...holy sugar-binge from hell! I don't even know why I did it...and this seems to be a running theme for me. It feels truly like an addiction...sugar calls me...beckons me...whether I'm hungry or not. I actually drove out of my way LOOKING for girl scout cookies the other day. WTH?

So I'm attempting some new supplementation to see if it helps anything. I'm doing this based on some research online, mostly centered around the book "The Diet Cure" by Julia Ross. I found this while researching food addiction and ways to combat addiction issues and also based on a tidbit heard on the
Weight Loss Surgery Podcast episode with Dr. Thomas Clark (Weight Loss is a Process not a Project ) where he mentioned using chromium with a prescription weight loss drug to fight carb cravings.

My protocol for the next little while looks something like this:

Morning: L-Tyrosine (500 mg), L-Glutamine (500 mg) and Chromium (200 mg)
Mid-Morning: L-Glutamine (500 mg)
Lunch: Chromium (200 mg)
Mid-afternoon: L-Glutamine (500 mg)
Dinner: Chromium (200 mg), L-Tryptophan

If you are interested in taking some quizzes to see if any supplements might be recommended for you, check this website out: http://www.dietcure.com

I'm into my second day of doing this...and so far so good. Unfortunately, I can't HONESTLY say if it is the supplements, a placebo-effect or the latest fill that is making the difference. But...I don't really care...something at this very moment is making me NOT want to run over to the nearest candy bowl for a hit of chocolate. I have felt seriously out of control over chocolate or sugar for a while now and the last two days I have not. So...I will keep this up for now.

From what I've read this supplementation isn't intended to be permanent...1-2 months at most. So I'm willing to give it a shot for a while.

My birthday is coming...there will be cake.



  1. Interesting... I'd like to see how it works for you. Sugars still call me too... my biggest thing was always breads.

  2. have you ever read Sugar, Salt, & Fat? I ask because it helped me with the sugar thing...for a little while...I need to reread it and see if it can turn me off from soda.