Monday, March 16, 2015

3.92K, a birthday, and current restriction

The 5k was yesterday...while I started off at the front of my "yellow" wave, I ultimately brought up the rear (this was expected). It was a rainy day, even by Pacific Northwest standards...and quite chilly. At first when we started the race I noted to my walking partner that there was a problem. Whichever muscle is responsible for flexing your foot up (so that you don't drag your toe when you walk) just stopped functioning on my right side. At this point I had been standing outside in the cold and wet for over an hour....I'm not sure why it seized up but it could have been from the cold. In any case, I told her it was fine because I was compensating with the two crutches and was not in danger of falling, but it did slow me down a bit.

About 2K into the track all the other yellow-wavers had passed me and the cops were up my butt trying to clear the street to pick up I actually cut over to the returning side of the track, took a stretch break (which TOTALLY helped the weird toe thing) and headed back (i.e., I CHEATED), cutting just a smidge over 1k off the total race. I'm disappointed...I would have liked to finish it...but I felt SOOOO self-conscious having the cops behind me already and I was only going to get slower. I think I will sign up for another one in warmer temperatures and try again. I'm thinking Color Run in May???

Note my awesome decorative ribbons on my crutches. :)

Sadly I don't have a photo at the finish line. I thought there would be more pomp and circumstance there...but there was nothing. So anti-climactic...even for my cheating ass. LOL

My step-kids ran the 1k "Leprechaun Lap" and did AWESOME. It was there first race, too...and they both ran the whole thing. I'm super proud of them.


My birthday was Friday and I ate cake. While I can say for sure that the supplementation previously discussed hasn't turned me off sugar completely (bummer), it has decreased my drive for eating it with reckless abandon....I can say this because not only did I have cake options for Friday but opted to wait till Saturday...but also, even once the cake was cut, I still only ate one piece a day, and never once felt this frantic need to "eat it NOW". This is so not like me at all...I can down 4 servings in one sitting...easy. So...the supplements may be helping.

My current fill level may be helping me as well. Now 3 weeks since my last fill...I'm feeling definitive restriction. I just now got stuck on a bag of Quest protein's definitely working. Now...if I can just stay away from bad choices...I could do something with this.

Food last week sucked toward the end of the week. Exercise days last week SUCKED more. I don't know what my problem was, but I got NOTHING in between Tuesday and Saturday. I'm counting the 3.92K as exercise for Sunday...and currently my plan is to leave work today and go home and do a full HIIT routine. Just gotta NOT talk myself out of it...which I'm prone to do. I'll try to be better with both food and exercise choices this week.


  1. Well damn it! At least you got out there and did something and tried. If it makes you feel any better I did a 5k on Saturday as well, and we cut probably at least a mile off because we had ran out of vodka....but probably that doesn't help. Color run sounds like a good idea!

  2. keep me posted on your next 5k, maybe we can meet up! Great job getting out there in the rain, I did a mud run in Portland last weekend :) Good times!