Saturday, February 28, 2015

Don't be jealous of my 33 minute mile!

Yep...that's how fast I walk with 2 crutches.

This 5k is gonna be awesome. And by that...I mean awesomely long. I will definitely be the last one in.

To answer a question from Amy....I have special ergo-non-rubby crutches, so I should be okay. I actually have special ergo SHOCK ABSORBING crutches that I saw on an episode of Shark Tank a couple years ago. They are pretty cool.


According to the images on I should be able to climb mountains with these bad that's next!

Ok...maybe not next...but it could happen.

So far...enjoying my new fill level. Hope this keeps up.


  1. Super cute dress and wearing white- major NSV

  2. Good! And you know may be last, but I bet you will be the fastest woman on crutches! You are awesome.