Thursday, January 22, 2015


I used to think that the "weight gain" caused by menopause was simply due to lack of exercise...or not watching what we eat.

It is clear to me now that I was wrong...

I have been exercising like a fiend and keeping my calories under 1200 on most days...and yet my weight is going up. UP!


I cannot believe how hard this has been. I wouldn't be so annoyed if I wasn't working out so hard if I was eating deliciously bad food...but this is insane. I may resign myself to being 190ish pounds forever...since I can't seem to get below that amount on a consistent basis.

I actually requested some hormone testing to see if my estrogen is completely out of whack. I had other things going on....a 6 day massive headache, the return of night-sweats (that had mostly gone away since the hysterectomy), and other symptoms...I just thought maybe I should see if my HRT is all wrong.

But for all you pre-menopausal women out there...let this be a warning. Make sure to get to goal BEFORE you hit menopause...because weight loss after...holy hell.

In other news...I returned the Garmin. They just were not resolving the issues and I gave up. What's sad is that they seemed SOOOO willing to help when I would call the support line. But follow-ups that they told me they would do just never happened. Emails to the first tech went un-answered. The second tech scheduled a time where she was going to call me to do some troubleshooting the next day...she never called. I left work early to take that damn call. To this day she hasn't far as they know my trouble tickets are still open (I just returned the unit to Amazon yesterday)...not one follow-up call or email about the issues. I'm pretty bummed about this. I kinda liked my VivoSmart when it was working.

I'm thinking about trying out FitBit Charge. Not sure yet though. I really wanted one with an integrated heart rate monitor, but I don't think the wrist-based heart rate monitors are really adequate for my needs at this point in the maybe I'll just keep my money. I learned some interesting things in the weeks I owned the VivoSmarth. I move a lot at night in my sleep...I don't walk NEARLY enough during the day...I burn more calories when working out than I ever thought (that was kinda nice, but doesn't really change anything for me). I LOVED having the alarm clock and phone notifications on my wrist...till they broke. I know all that....just not sure I want to spend money on another device to keep telling me the same things.

And speaking of money, after Scott's second job loss he ended up in a job he enjoys but that paid a ridiculously low wage. Well...last week the company finally recognized the err in their ways and bumped up the wages of the people in his position across the a lot. This means a teeny-tiny bit of breathing room for us. Enough breathing room that I MIGHT be able to work with a trainer a couple days a week (a cheap trainer...which I might have found at work). So...I might get that going. I will email him today.

On the exercise front, my January calendar is filling up nicely. I've only missed 1 day each week. Some good forward momentum. Scott is on a work schedule right now that has him gone over night. For some reason I find it WAY easier to get up at 4am to work out when he isn't lying next to I've been getting most of my workouts done first thing in the morning. While I don't love getting up so early, I do love getting the exercise DONE and out of the way for the day. I've been careful to build slowly...I JUST started doing my weights in the last week...and they are light. Like 5lb bicep curls instead of the 10lbs  I used to do....ultra-light. Up till then I had been just doing the elliptical and long walks at lunch. I hope to keep this up. Oh, I'm also participating in 2 30-day group challenges...a butt challenge and an arm challenge. Those have you doing the same exercises 5 days a week with increasing reps over the 30 days. We are on day 22...I just about want to die with some of them (42 pushups....42??? UGH!). I just wish all this hard work was showing on the scale (but...I dare butt looks better than it did a month something is working).

Band fill wise...I appear to be in an okay place. I think I'm able to eat more than I should be able to (I had a pretty high calorie breakfast), but I'm staying comfortably within my calorie constraints, so I don't think I need a fill for now. Unless eating less than 1000 cal/day would help....but that just seems wayyyy too low, especially considering that I exercise. So for now...I'm holding at my current adjustment.

I sincerely hope something starts changing soon. At this rate I will LOSE my first diet bet. :( 


  1. I get crazy hungry after working out... I bet I would be eating 2,500+ calories in a day if I worked out in the morning. Do you find to be a problem yourself, or have you ever worked out in the evening, and if so did you find you snacked more late at night? (I ask too many questions, sorry!)

    Sending positive vibes your way for your DietBet. I've been upping my exercising and eating a little more because of it and I'm stalled out and even gaining. Ugh!

    1. Hi Rhonda...definitely NOT too many questions!

      I get crazy hungry after working out as well. It used to be much MUCH worse though. Right now with the morning workout, I'm having a pretty heavy breakfast as soon as it is over (sausage patty and two fried eggs), so that helps. But it definitely makes it more important to make sure I have the rest of my meals and snacks for the day planned out because I would easily grab chips and cake if it were near by. I try to stick to the plan as much as possible. (Today I have 3 meals and 2 snacks planned for a total of 1239 calories and 97 grams of if I feel like DYING without another snack, there is room for more, but I think I will be ok.)

      Most of the first year of weight loss (and even a couple days a week now) I was doing late-evening workouts (home from work at 6, trainer would come at 7, leave at 8 and I was in bed by 9). I did develop a late-night snacking problem that I didn't used to have. My workaround for that was to make sure to leave a couple hundred calories of wiggle-room at the end of the day...and then I ate something I enjoyed, like chips or a 200 calorie frozen pizza (I can't find these anymore). I had better control with the band back then for some reason. Now I can't seem to keep chips in the house safely. The bonus about having that "wiggle room" is that if I did manage to go to bed without eating it, it was sorta a bonus in the calorie deficit.

      Make sure you are keeping your protein levels really push for 90+ grams a day. It will make you choose food differently (carbs make me WAY more inclined to want to eat more carbs) and keep you feeling fuller. Also...if you are working out that much, your body will really need the protein anyway.