Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It could be worse

It seriously could be so much worse.

I can do this.

And yes...I realize it is not Wednesday...I didn't want to hold off any longer. I need to be accountable to something....at least my blog if nothing else. Hell I haven't even gone to WW in a month...A MONTH!

Fill still scheduled for today. Still questioning my decision. Reviewing my old fill levels and blogs and trying to determine when I had the greatest amount of "success". I know for SURE that regardless of band fill level, I'm not exercising enough. Can't blame the band for that one.

I am a little annoyed at my medical record. It's not accurate...so I can't tell how much is truly in my band.

The record itself says 7cc, if you calculate the fills listed in the record it comes to 6.25cc, and yet my last blog about getting a fill says 7.25cc. WTH? How many cc's are in this darn thing? Bah! I guess we will know for sure today when she unfills it prior to the fill. (Even the procedural note is inaccurate as it states "8cc of fluid removed, additional 1cc added for a total of 7cc"...hello? Math?)

Have I mentioned lately how much I don't love my new fill person. I miss Kat and Jenn. The chemistry with this person isn't good. This seems to be a theme in my life right now. I'm dissatisfied with a couple interpersonal relationships due to "chemistry". You might think that chemistry thing is only important in your dating world...but you are wrong. But that's a whole 'nother blog post.

I will go to WW today (it's my scheduled day) and then my fill later. I hope...HOPE to exercise soon. Maybe tonight. I laid out the clothes...that's something, right? The hubs is in Dallas for training again this week...which is usually when I get my best exercise in. I set my alarm for 4am this morning...and then pressed the snooze button repeatedly till 6...so yeah. Nice job. :)

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