Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Holy Crap! I forgot to celebrate my 4th bandiversary!

Well hell...looking back at my December posts, it seems like I forget my bandiversary EVERY year...

But...this is a shame. Because December 23rd every year marks a pretty important milestone for me. I have been UNDER 200 lbs every December 23rd since my first bandiversary. That is a big deal! Yes, I'm not at goal...but at least I a have maintained the majority of my weight loss for several years now. I should be very proud of that.

That 200 lb mark was so elusive for so long...

Now goal continues to be elusive...but that is on me to fix.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

As this year comes to an end

I will post a blog soon...I swear.

Here are the major points:

  • Holiday SUGAR eating was out of control.
  • I'm doing Medifast for a month to regain some control.
  • I received some cool fitness gadgets for Christmas. A wifi scale and a Garmin fitness tracker.
  • As a result of said gadgetry I'm switching over to MyFitnessPal from SparkPeople.
  • I just registered for my first ever 5k...which I will walk...with two crutches. But still...March 15!
  • Current band fill level is good...if I eat the right food. But we all know...slides right on through.
That's really all I have to share at the moment.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


There...I made my title obvious so that next time I'm "researching through my blog", it will be easier to spot a post about a fill.

And with are some important fill stats to be had:

My current fill record...of all fills...ever:

Fluid instillation history:
Adjustment CC
Total In Band
Days between fills
5 cc on 1/17/11
1.0cc on 02/14/2011
0.25cc on 04-04-2011
0.25cc on 05-23-2011
0.25cc on 08-23-2011
0.25cc on 11-28-2011
0.5cc 0n-04-24-2012
-2cc on 09-05-2012
1.0cc on 10-09-2012
0.5cc on 11-19-2012
1cc on 01-21-2013
.5 CC on 07-09-2013
-7.5cc on 04/04/2014
4.0cc on 04/22/2014 (1 cc still in band)
1.0cc on 06/11/2014
1.0cc on 09/08/2014
.3cc on 12/02/2014
Highest Band CC fill level
Total current fluid in band

TADAHHHHHH! All in one place. Cuz the doctor's notes were out of whack and my blog was not even now, it's all black and white. *Phew*

Isn't it pretty?

Now...with all that said....




 (And just in case any newbies are reading this...please don't let this scare you. It's not like excruciating pain or anything I would "never do again"...but there was some noted discomfort and issues. I think there are worse slicing a finger open...or stubbing your pinky toe on a bed frame.)

First of all, my port is getting harder to access for two reasons. 1. I have a fair amount of scar tissue around it that we have to poke through and 2. It's in a weird position now. Not "flipped"...just not exactly where this person needs it to be for easy access.

Second...the person that does my fills now is less experienced than the previous people. The previous peeps didn't need Fleuro and could do the fill just based on feel and experience...and they were really good at it. This person depends on Fleuro, unfortunately. While imaging is causes her to not work based on there is a lot of repositioning. Where Kat and Jen used to get it on the first try, this person has to poke around and move me around...a lot. (For future reference, I need to remind them that me laying FLAT is better than any other position they try).

So there was a lot of poking and radiating my insides to check positioning yesterday. Several times the needle would sorta "bump" past the port when she narrowly missed...which felt very weird and mildly uncomfortable the third time it happened. I had to ask for a second...and then a third application of numbing medication because I could still feel the sharpness of the needle entering my skin. Not horrible...but not the most comfortable thing in the world.

And then the weirdest part of all...the unfill. It has been getting weirder and weirder every time. My clinic completely unfills a band before adding fluid to make sure there have been no leaks. That unfill is the most bizarre feeling to me now. I get this strange sensation all through my abdomen...and as of yesterday, it's not a good feeling. I used to just "notice" it. Now I notice it, it's uncomfortable AND it causes a strange adrenaline response. So I have been advised to remind her in the future that I have this reaction and she will unfill me more slowly so as to avoid agitating the Vagus nerve, which she believes is what is happening.

Beyond that, all the fluid went back in with no issue and my 6 oz of water went down no problem. So...there we are. I'm currently at 7.3 cc's and on liquids. The area around my port is sore from all the poking, but otherwise I'm doing fine.

I will say that she didn't give me any grief about wanting a fill. She indicated that as long as I'm still tolerating bread then I probably need one. I can, in fact, mostly tolerate bread (I ate a roll too fast the day after TG and had issues, but it was a ridiculous amount of bread for me to even attempt). She was even willing to give me a .5cc fill when I only wanted a we split the difference and I got .3. we wait and see.

Next goal...clear my house of tempting treats. Because if it's there...I will eat it. This is when it SUCKS not living alone anymore. My husband buys ice-cream. ICE-CREAM! A bandsters worst enemy!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It could be worse

It seriously could be so much worse.

I can do this.

And yes...I realize it is not Wednesday...I didn't want to hold off any longer. I need to be accountable to least my blog if nothing else. Hell I haven't even gone to WW in a month...A MONTH!

Fill still scheduled for today. Still questioning my decision. Reviewing my old fill levels and blogs and trying to determine when I had the greatest amount of "success". I know for SURE that regardless of band fill level, I'm not exercising enough. Can't blame the band for that one.

I am a little annoyed at my medical record. It's not I can't tell how much is truly in my band.

The record itself says 7cc, if you calculate the fills listed in the record it comes to 6.25cc, and yet my last blog about getting a fill says 7.25cc. WTH? How many cc's are in this darn thing? Bah! I guess we will know for sure today when she unfills it prior to the fill. (Even the procedural note is inaccurate as it states "8cc of fluid removed, additional 1cc added for a total of 7cc"...hello? Math?)

Have I mentioned lately how much I don't love my new fill person. I miss Kat and Jenn. The chemistry with this person isn't good. This seems to be a theme in my life right now. I'm dissatisfied with a couple interpersonal relationships due to "chemistry". You might think that chemistry thing is only important in your dating world...but you are wrong. But that's a whole 'nother blog post.

I will go to WW today (it's my scheduled day) and then my fill later. I hope...HOPE to exercise soon. Maybe tonight. I laid out the clothes...that's something, right? The hubs is in Dallas for training again this week...which is usually when I get my best exercise in. I set my alarm for 4am this morning...and then pressed the snooze button repeatedly till yeah. Nice job. :)

Monday, December 1, 2014

Fill tomorrow...I think....I dunno...ugh

I am scheduled for a fill tomorrow. I am having a hard time deciding if this is what I truly need.

The facts are these:

I can eat a fair amount most of the time. (1 point for fill)
But not all of the time (1 point for no fill)

I am choosing poorly, and poor choices go down easy. (1 point for no fill)
But maybe if I were more green-zone-ish I would make better choices? (A questionable point for fill)

I can eat more than 1 cup of food (1 point for fill)
Things that are bad for the band (like BREAD and PASTA) don't go down so easy (1 point for no fill)

I am searching for food in the evenings (1 point for fill)
But I'm not THAT hungry, it's really just head hunger (1 point for NO fill)

I'm gaining weight (1 point for fill)

But is it really just all my fault? I'm eating too much sugar!!!  (1 point for no fill)

But I have a tool that I should use (1 point for fill)

I am not trying to stay within calorie and protein targets (out of laziness)
I am not exercising (out of laziness)
I am not drinking my water (not because of restriction, just out of laziness)
I have not weighed in with WW for the last 3 weeks. (Out of "I don't wanna know"-ness)
I have not posted my weight in a few weeks (so much for accountability)

Fill = 5-6ish
No Fill = 5

UGH! I just wish this were so much easier! Those people that say getting a lapband is taking the easy way out...yeah....they can suck it! If it were "easy" I would be at goal. You still have to do the still have to eat still have to move more intentionally.

Aside from all this....Thanksgiving has come and gone. I brought home too much pie. I shouldn't have brought home the pie. I ate more than 1 cup full at the dinner table...but not that much more. The problem was desert and appetizers. But dinner itself was actually helped by the band.

Can't they just invent a pill that makes me not want to ever eat the yummy things?

Anyway...if I go forward with the fill (as I still currently plan to do), I will be on liquids and mushies for the next few days. Yay me.