Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesday Weigh-In

Well...lookie there. It's a loss! At least compared to one week ago today. So I guess there is some real advantage to posting a weekly weigh-in because I truly thought it was a slight gain. This is because I weigh every morning and know that sometime in the last 7 days I had dipped a toe below 190, so was fully anticipating having to write about my GAIN. This is a rather pleasant surprise.

I was PLANNING to explain that I was sure the gain was likely only water weight due to being super-consistent about exercising this week! That's right! I have gotten in FIVE...that is FIVE ...workouts in the last 7 days! I'm super pleased with myself. I did 3 HIIT routines and 2 days of elliptical for 40 minutes the first and 60 min the second. I'm sore.

I also tracked all my food for 5 of the last 7 days...AND kept the calories around 1200.

All things going well. But to really add to the momentum, last night I listened to this podcast that I had downloaded quite some time ago but never listened to...and it gave me a fantastic shot of motivation! It was Lapband Gal's appearance on the Weight Loss Surgery Podcast. Man alive! fantastic episode full of awesome, AWESOME reminders of how this should work. It was just awesome....thanks LBG!!! I needed that! I recommend all bandsters go have a matter where you are in your process.

I was lucky enough to meet LBG in person at a mini-bandster get together very early on in my post-op life. She has truly rocked this band thing. She uses it as a tool to help her feel full on smaller portions (i.e., 1 cup of food at a meal) but has never been "restricted" and "can" eat anything (nothing is off limits) but chooses not to. That is where I am with this current "green zone". Everything has gone down, even breakfast. I've only had issue ONE time where I ate a very large bite of chicken that I did not chew well enough. That one was on me...not my band. This is the proper way to be utilizing this tool. It should never be about feeling "restricted" should be about making you feel content on smaller amounts for longer periods of time.

Then I found this gem...a reminder of how I was eating back when I was a smidge too tight and/or tilted. I could still get food down...but chocolate, and chips, and ice-cream went down "easier" I gravitated toward them instead of focusing on solid proteins that would make me feel full for a nice long period of time.

I know...this is all "duh" stuff...but sometimes it's nice to have the reminders shoved in your face. I feel invigorated. :)

That mini-bandster get together...though it only happened once for me...was so valuable. I drove down to Portland for the day to meet those lovely ladies. I'm just going to open this up that if anyone is ever in the Seattle area and wants to meet...I'm game. I actually don't know any other bandsters in this area, but I would love to. I miss LBG. She doesn't really post to her blog anymore so I sought her out on FB last night. The FB thing is kinda weird. I'm actually NOT open on FB about being I'm trying to figure out how to covertly join some groups/add some people/like some pages without FB blabbing my band business to all my friends on my feed. Sounds easy...but I actually seemed to go around in circles with it last night, which was rather annoying. I'm usually not one to complain about FB related matters, but the security/privacy options in this area are disjointed and illogical and ultimately, I believe, not functioning properly.

Anyway...all that said I have a plan for today:

Steel cut oatmeal
Smart Ones Chicken Enchiladas Suiza (a yummy favorite!)

Nugo Bar
Chicken breast and refried beans with hot sauce
Protein Shake


Post-work exercise: 60 minutes elliptical

So...that's my story and I'm sticking to it! I posted now I must make it so, right???

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