Wednesday, September 10, 2014

So far...

So far this latest fill is A-MAY-ZING.

Something must be wrong with me.

Usually my fills take 2-3 weeks for me to notice a difference. But this one has had me EXTREMELY satisfied with protein drinks alone since day 1. WTH?

Today is my first foray into mushies. I started with a protein shake for breakfast (had planned on cottage cheese, but decided to not chance it just yet) and then had lentil soup for lunch. I just finished my soup...and took the full 30 minutes to eat it. Yay! Let's see how long I feel content.

If I continue to feel like THIS for a while, I will NOT be complaining. I have happily walked past a candy bowl, not foraged in my cabinets for food, and last night I sat in a room that smelled delectably of a bacon cheeseburger that...while it smelled amazing...did not cause me to want to eat.

AND...I have exercised two days in a row this week! WHAT???

The last up-fills I have done...I was hungry by end of day one and fighting to not move to mushies sooner. This time has been way different.

My fingers are crossed that I continue feeling this good for a while!

Monday, September 8, 2014

All full up...I hope - 7 CC

I had an aggressive fill today of 1.00 cc's to put me at 7cc's in my 11cc band.

My highest fill to date was 8.5 cc but I was, admittedly, having issues at that fill level due to my band being crooked. hope is that at 7 I will just below any sort of "problem area" but high enough to keep me doing the right things.

I'm so excited by this fill you have NO IDEA. It may be stupid to be excited by a fill level...I dunno. But I was so pissed when they deflated me for my hysterectomy, and then I thought in June when I was back at 6cc it might be enough, but at this point I think it was close but not quite. I decided this weekend that I wanted to be aggressive for a while.

I'm sipping my post-fill protein shake now. I really hope to do some serious scale movement in the downward direction in the next few weeks. I am hoping to be back at my lowest weight  of 174 by New Years...the toughest season of all to attempt weight loss...let's do this!

Things for me to focus on:

  • 1/2 cup servings
  • SMALL bites (perhaps I need to re-invest in toddler flatware?)
  • Take 30 minutes to eat
  • Exercise 40 minutes per day
  • No liquids 30 minutes before, 90 minutes after meals
  • No more bread/pasta!
Frankly I can't believe I'm still just sipping this shake. I usually would have chugged it by now. fills usually show their true colors after 2 weeks. Yikes....this could be a tight one.

Why I wanted to be aggressive...

It was the pizza thing. The fact that I was craving pizza...and knew full well that I could eat a fair amount of pizza if I actually ever caved...was freaking me out. And the things I have successfully eaten a Costco hotdog WITH BUN! Not good....situation getting out of control! I used to eat 1/2 of a hot dog...usually NO bun. I want to be back to that level! Yesterday I ate a fair amount of spaghetti WITH 3 small slices of baguette. Mind you it was less of a portion than I would eat pre-band, but WAY MORE than I would eat when I was properly restricted. was time.

I feel good today. Hopefully I will get a good workout in tonight when I get home from the office.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bad band thinking

Bad lap band thinking:
Proper lap band thinking:
I want a salad...a big, yummy salad that fills up the whole big bowl with all that balsamic vinegar yumminess, because my band is loose enough for me to eat a BIG HUGE salad. I want a salad...but just enough to satiate me because I know I don't need near as much food to be satiated as I can currently fit into my stomach.


Having this argument in my head WAYYYY too often.

At least the argument is over salad today...and not pizza.

I wish this were easier.

Whoever says WLS is the easy way out can bite me!