Friday, August 15, 2014

I can't breathe with this thing on

Well...I got what I wanted. I got my number back. But...would have been nice if those unearned LBs would have taken a couple friends with them. But whatever...keep on moving down.

I MAY have discovered where the weight gain/swelling issues were coming from. About 10 days ago I discovered that I had neglected to take my estrogen for 3 days because I had forgotten to put it in my pill organizer for the week. Oops. I've been on estrogen since the day they took out my ovaries...this was the first miss. I started taking it again once I discovered the lapse, but that hormonal fluctuation may have been the cause of my problems. The combination of that fluctuation and that chest cough I'd been battling for a 4 weeks seems to have also triggered some "adult onset" asthma issues. Good times. Remind me to never miss my estrogen dose again!

This morning I was able to put on the skirt from my job interview back in January 2013. It fits...I can't breathe...or sit...but it fits. I'm wearing it today for an internal interview. In all of my professional career I've never done an internal job interview before. The whole process is a little nerve-racking. Having to tell your boss you have applied for another position...then having to tell him you were selected to interview and seeing the look of "oh crap...I might need to fill another position" in his eyes...I don't like this stuff. This may be why I never did it before now.

I've been doing pretty well with no sugar/refined carb thing for a while now...but my husband, the master saboteur, may have killed that last night by bringing home a large bag of my favorite tortilla chips and salsa from a local restaurant. It worked...I caved. But I only ate about 500 calories worth. It could have been worse. I'm sure he did this on purpose. We have been in a "30 day challenge" with each other that is supposed to end NEXT week, but he has gone off the rails the last two days so I think he is trying to take me down with him. I was planning on partaking in birthday cake with the oldest this weekend (she turns 7 today)...but last night,s face-first chip fest was NOT in my plan. Darn him!

I wish I was exercising to feel less guilty about such food pleasures....but so far, I'm not. Soon...I hope. Soon.

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