Thursday, July 10, 2014

Heading to Disneyland!

And now for my next massive hurdle...I leave for a 1 week vacation in LA with the husband and kids...with 5 days of Disneyland.


My clothes BARELY fit I seriously have no choice but to watch it or else I'm going to be shopping for new pants from Downtown Disney...who I'm sure has a wide variety of options at reasonable prices *eye roll*

My current "plan"...protein shakes (my mother in law has already procured these for me from Costco in in LA so I don't have to fly with them), packing in some protein bars, and enjoy bites off my family's food. This has the added bonus of keeping costs down...and I'm cheap, so that's a great thing!

I know everyone says that you burn a ton of excess calories walking around DL, but because of my spinal cord injury I'm renting motorized wheelchair. I don't want this trip to be a bummer for the kids because I get too tired walking from ride to ride. So that means I will have to make a concerted effort to burn some calories somewhere every day.

So this is my last scale post for a while. We leave Saturday morning. I'm scared to get on the scale when I return.

Ah...and there is one more hurdle upon return as well. The "annual employee luncheon". The menu was sent to us yesterday. OMG...the deliciousness.

Life is FULL of hurdles/events/celebrations.

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