Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A quick post Disneyland check-in

I know it's not Friday....but I thought I would post my weight since I haven't been on for a couple of weeks:

So that's some bit of good news...I'm still trending downish.

This is great...considering I spent a week at Disneyland with my family. I will post pictures from that soon. Things to note from the trip:

  • I had a wheelchair the whole time...so there were no calories burnt walking on my part. With my disability, it was just not a great plan to think I could juggle kids, crutches AND paraphernalia (i.e., purse, camera, cooler, etc.) the wheelchair made everything better. I even spent the week hip-pain free...which is a freakin miracle.
  • Being on a budget trip and being banded...I went in with a plan that really rather worked. I described my plan in the previous post, but bottom line, I ate pretty darn good, and STILL managed to have a couple of treats through the week. I'm proud of this accomplishment. Came home with a maintain after exerting NO calories. And I kept our costs WAY down.
  • Although I packed exercise clothes and a bathing suit...I never once had time and/or energy to use these items. I also never used my makeup or flat iron...so I was a hot mess...oh the joys of step-motherhood.

Now that I'm back, I've somehow developed an addiction to balsamic vinegar. I suppose there could be worse things. So now...this salad is a daily staple in my menu:

    I'm having a love affair with this salad. It's a little spendy in the calorie budget, but overall, not so bad. I may be wayyyy over-estimating how much chicken is in there. I will measure it tomorrow (I'm buying in the cafeteria at work...so it's a lot of eyeballing amounts). Where the hell has balsamic vinegar been all my life?

    As for Frito Bandito...I'm actually still below my previous restriction level, but think I want to keep it here for a while. I have not had any vomiting episodes and am managing my diet really well right now (although I'm currently eliminating white/refined carbs on weekdays, which helps A LOT). If I can make this work for a nice long while, I'll be pretty happy.

    Notice I said the restriction is on weekdays...I plan to have yummy treats one day a week. I just am learning that I can't have a treat "every day" because I just want more....and more...and more. So I'm giving this a try. When I don't eat those things, I have way better control over my appetite.

    That's it for now. Will post more soon...promise!


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  1. Great job! I find I'm more careful while on vacation too because I'm so scared to gain weight!
    I miss Disney.