Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A quick post Disneyland check-in

I know it's not Friday....but I thought I would post my weight since I haven't been on for a couple of weeks:

So that's some bit of good news...I'm still trending downish.

This is great...considering I spent a week at Disneyland with my family. I will post pictures from that soon. Things to note from the trip:

  • I had a wheelchair the whole time...so there were no calories burnt walking on my part. With my disability, it was just not a great plan to think I could juggle kids, crutches AND paraphernalia (i.e., purse, camera, cooler, etc.) the wheelchair made everything better. I even spent the week hip-pain free...which is a freakin miracle.
  • Being on a budget trip and being banded...I went in with a plan that really rather worked. I described my plan in the previous post, but bottom line, I ate pretty darn good, and STILL managed to have a couple of treats through the week. I'm proud of this accomplishment. Came home with a maintain after exerting NO calories. And I kept our costs WAY down.
  • Although I packed exercise clothes and a bathing suit...I never once had time and/or energy to use these items. I also never used my makeup or flat iron...so I was a hot mess...oh the joys of step-motherhood.

Now that I'm back, I've somehow developed an addiction to balsamic vinegar. I suppose there could be worse things. So now...this salad is a daily staple in my menu:

    I'm having a love affair with this salad. It's a little spendy in the calorie budget, but overall, not so bad. I may be wayyyy over-estimating how much chicken is in there. I will measure it tomorrow (I'm buying in the cafeteria at work...so it's a lot of eyeballing amounts). Where the hell has balsamic vinegar been all my life?

    As for Frito Bandito...I'm actually still below my previous restriction level, but think I want to keep it here for a while. I have not had any vomiting episodes and am managing my diet really well right now (although I'm currently eliminating white/refined carbs on weekdays, which helps A LOT). If I can make this work for a nice long while, I'll be pretty happy.

    Notice I said the restriction is on weekdays...I plan to have yummy treats one day a week. I just am learning that I can't have a treat "every day" because I just want more....and more...and more. So I'm giving this a try. When I don't eat those things, I have way better control over my appetite.

    That's it for now. Will post more soon...promise!


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Heading to Disneyland!

And now for my next massive hurdle...I leave for a 1 week vacation in LA with the husband and kids...with 5 days of Disneyland.


My clothes BARELY fit now...so I seriously have no choice but to watch it or else I'm going to be shopping for new pants from Downtown Disney...who I'm sure has a wide variety of options at reasonable prices *eye roll*

My current "plan"...protein shakes (my mother in law has already procured these for me from Costco in in LA so I don't have to fly with them), packing in some protein bars, and enjoy bites off my family's food. This has the added bonus of keeping costs down...and I'm cheap, so that's a great thing!

I know everyone says that you burn a ton of excess calories walking around DL, but because of my spinal cord injury I'm renting motorized wheelchair. I don't want this trip to be a bummer for the kids because I get too tired walking from ride to ride. So that means I will have to make a concerted effort to burn some calories somewhere every day.

So this is my last scale post for a while. We leave Saturday morning. I'm scared to get on the scale when I return.

Ah...and there is one more hurdle upon return as well. The "annual employee luncheon". The menu was sent to us yesterday. OMG...the deliciousness.

Life is FULL of hurdles/events/celebrations.