Thursday, November 21, 2013

"Respect My Authorita!" -- Frito Bandito

I have not been treating my band very well. I admitted to this in my previous post. This caused a lot of PB'ing that I'm sure is not good for me. I'm frankly scared to have any imaging done to see if there is any damage. As of today, I can say that I do not experience reflux (except on days when I overeat), and I can still get band-friendly foods down in 1/2-1 cup portions, and I'm not limited to only slider I am going to continue to believe that I don't need imaging for a little while.

Since my previous post, I have been doing much better (not great, just better) about tracking my calories, eating fewer calories, and once again picking up the exercise. It's working. My weight is slowly coming down again. Along with the calorie tracking I am also trying to follow some important band rules. Most notably, I'm trying to eat more filling, protein rich foods to keep me full. So to that end, my menu Monday and Tuesday looked a lot like this: 

Breakfast: Protein shake (I still can't do solids first thing in the a.m.)
Snack 1: pulled bbq chicken
Lunch: Trader Joes reduced guilt mac n cheese
Snack 2:  Teriyaki chicken
Dinner: Chilli
Snack: Cheese stick

For a total of 1400 calories and about 130 grams of protein.

Not too bad....except Frito Bandito is NOT happy with chicken sometimes, and definitely doesn't like pasta, much to my after two days of a similar, chicken-heavy menu, and two days of getting a little stuckish on my chicken, my pouch rebelled. I've been on liquids and mushies since. :(  Tuesday night after my snack number two of teriyaki chicken my pouch just plain hurt. I didn't even bother having dinner that night I felt so rotten. So the next morning I went soft. Shake for breakfast, shake for lunch, potato soup for dinner. Today I had a shake for breakfast, refried beans for mid-day snack, and then chili for my mid-afternoon snack. The chili was the most dense food I'd had since Tuesday afternoon...and it didn't hurt. I think I'm getting better. (Chili has always fallen into a late-stage mushie category for me because I don't put veggies in it and I use ground meat and black beans, and chew it well enough that it's like it was blended anyway.)

What's nice to realize through this process is that my band is a) still there (that has been made abundantly clear) and b) it  will actually work at keeping me satiated if I let it instead of eating chocolate or other things that contain mucho-calories but not so mucho-protein. Damn thing will work if I let it. I'm trying to not eat chocolate...or deserts in all, for a while. I can't go on forever like this (I mean c'mon...TG is next week!)...but I was eating something sugar-laden EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. That had to stop. 

I need to respect the band's authority...or I'm at risk of injuring myself or having to have it removed. I don't want that. I really, really don't. 

Exercise so far for indicates days I worked out.
Not back to 6 days a week yet, but I will get there.

Some of this general awful feeling I've been experiencing was potassium related...I'm convinced of that. I've been better about taking my supplements and yesterday, for the first time in a LONG time, felt pretty great. Today, while not as great as yesterday...still feel pretty darn good, all things considered. 

Seems like a stupid note, right? But I tend to not remember that this is my problem until it is too late and I've been feeling like hell for a few days. You would think I would learn my lesson...but I don't.

Weight is down to 192...I think. My scale gives a different reading every time I get on it. And by every time, I mean I can try 15 times in a ROW and not get the same number twice. So...yeah...I think she is dying. Yes...I did change the batteries. Since doing that I will occasionally get a repeat number somewhere in the 192 range, so I think that's what I weigh.

I kinda want one of those wi-fi scales that will send your weight to an app. I wonder how those work for people. 

Some things of note. Yesterday I took possession of my dad's dog...but only so that I could put him on a plane to Texas tomorrow morning. My heart ACHES to think about doing this. I want to keep him so bad. I can't for two reasons...well, 4 reasons really...I have three dogs. Taking on a 4th is just insane. Also, he has 5 dogs worth of hair...I really can't do this with 3 other dogs even though one of mine is hairless. It's just impossible. The 4th reason is that someone in Texas is actually expecting him...and as much as I want to keep him, it would be wrong for me to do that to the person who is awaiting his arrival. But this is KILLING me...I don't know how I'm going to manage putting him on a plane tomorrow. I hope I survive this.

Dad's very hairy dog

Such a sweet, beautiful boy. Can I keep him? Please?

Oh right...I have these three already. What a motley crew. 

Finally, I'm having a dinner party on Saturday. I'm so excited about this! The theme is an "Upside Down Dinner Party" where I've told my guests to wear their favorite comfy pajamas, and I will be serving breakfast for dinner along with mimosa's and bellinis. I am making cereal bar treat bags to take home and my girls helped me make fruitloop necklaces! We are having all the usual breakfast things, eggs, bacon, hash browns, sausage, biscuits, gravy, a waffle bar, and a couple guests are bringing a breakfast casserole. From a band perspective, this is a HORRIBLE plan...but from a hostess perspective...I CAN'T WAIT! I've wanted to do this theme FOREVER. Someday I will repeat the theme with breakfast themed appetizer/finger foods (I have MANY ideas), but I don't have the space or time to do that one this time around. I wish I did. I will try to get pictures of the spread for this excited! I probably won't get to eat much, of course...but I love playing hostess!