Thursday, February 28, 2013

What do you know...donuts really ARE the enemy!

Remember all these potty issues I wrote about in 2011? I asked for a bunch of tests at the time, which I was TOLD came back negative. In the meantime, I started taking a probiotic and managing constipation with frequent (almost daily) doses of miralax and just went on with my life as things did seem to improve.
Well…in December I went to my new Primary Care Physician who replaced my previous PCP who retired…and she asks me how I’m managing my CELIAC disease. I said I don’t have Celiac disease…at which point she pulled up my electronic lab results and pointed to a very clear positive result for the antibodies that react to gluten…the test my previous doc ordered in October 2011 but told me was negative. I was a little shocked…and frankly annoyed, and a whole lot skeptical. She continued looking through my records and found where my previous doctor had, in fact, concluded that the test was negative. So I said I wasn’t going to believe it until additional tests were run.

Unfortunately, to test for gluten issues, you have to actually have gluten in your system. At the time of this appointment, I was low-carbing, which is naturally a gluten free way of eating…so there was no point in testing at that time. We agreed to wait until a time I was not only consuming gluten again, but also experiencing symptoms again.

That time came a couple weeks ago. Similar issues to what I had been experiencing in 2011 were starting to emerge…not horrible yet, but definitely noticeable. So I emailed the new PCP and told her I was ready to test. The first test I took (that came back positive) was a “gliadin antibody” test, the next test would be a “transglutaminase tissue” test. The gliadin antibody test indicates that my body is reacting to gluten as a “foreign invader” and produces these antibodies to try to attack it. The Transglutaminase test would indicate that my body was having an auto-immune response to the gluten and attacking itself. Because of how I felt, I was SURE it would come back positive.

But it didn’t.

So this is a good news/bad news thing….the good news is that my body is not destroying itself through villous atrophy in my intestines every time I eat wheat…Which thank goodness, cuz that would be bad! But…my body is still SEVERELY unhappy when I eat wheat…or gluten specificly….so now that can no longer be a part of my diet. RIP wheat and wheat products…I shall miss thee…

This explains why I feel so much better when I’m low-carbing. But it also has caused me to wonder what else I might be intolerant to. So…I did some research, and am now going to a naturopath at IBS Treatment Center in Seattle (which is also the source of a book I’m reading, Healthier Without Wheat), to have some labs done to see if there is anything else I should be avoiding. I have to admit, while I’m CONVINCED that Soy and Potatoes are going to come back as additional issues (I’m ok…I’ve known this about myself for a long time), I’m absolutely TERRIFIED that Cheese and Corn will also come back positive on the test. I will DIE without cheese….no, really…I will. I LOVE my cheese.

They say you are likely allergic to the things you crave most…hello? Dorritos and Mac and Cheese? UGH!

It takes 4 weeks for the results to come back. Till then, I’m inhaling Tillamook like it’s going out of style. Denial much?

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  1. That's so interesting. There are several things that I know I should avoid too. Sugar is the main one...I get hives and severe palpatations when I eat any substantial amount of sugar. For most people that would be reason enough to leave it alone, but for me....Well, I'm a slow learner. I also feel better when I avoid wheat...well, I'll be following to hear the rest of this story. Good luck!