Thursday, February 28, 2013

Really officer...I was only puking...

Here are my current updates…or maybe I should do a TTT?

1.       I have a “final interview” with the hiring manager and 1 other person for the position I’ve been in the running for since December 17th. This will mark the FOURTH interview in the process. I’m cautiously optimistic that this is intended to be a session for an offer as they have kindly requested that I visit HR for a drug and background check immediately following my meeting. EEK!!! So excited!

2.       With all this excitement comes the trepidation of having to tell my current employer that I’m leaving. I haven’t said anything to him because it’s all been so uncertain and I didn’t want to freak him out. I know I will likely only be able to give 2 weeks notice and that is simply not enough time for them to get someone in for me to transition my work to, and I feel a lot of guilt about that.

3.       All this guilt for a job I haven’t a) been offered yet or b) not even sure I can accept the offer because I’m unclear of their salary range. *sigh*

4.       The role of “protein” today is being played by Premier Protein shakes. I’m having issues. I HAD learned recently that I am very tight in the mornings…and HAD been good about just having a shake in the morning. But the last few days I was traveling and did not have shakes on hand so ate protein bars in the a.m. instead…which went down fine, no problemo…so then I guess I got comfortable with the fact that I could consume solid food again in the a.m., so I ate 2 pieces of bacon before walking out the door for work this morning. 15 minutes later I’m pulled over on the side of the interstate…not just PBing…but VIOLENTLY vomiting. NOT GOOD! Now I’m wondering if I should call my clinic…PBing because I’m tight is one thing….vomiting though is bad news for the band. I’m not entirely sure what brought this on. I was clearly stuck…and I tried to ride it out (literally, since I was DRIVING on the interstate and didn’t have a lot of options) for a long time by holding my ever-increasing slime in my mouth and not swallowing until I could pull over. I wonder if the long wait/wishing-things-would-go-down caused additional stomach trouble? I’m uncertain….and not sure what to do from here. Clearly I’m on liquids for the next two days. But still wondering if I should call the clinic or not…we are coming up on a weekend.

5.       I guess the good news is that liquids DO in fact go down…so if I have to live the weekend on a liquid diet, it’s not the end of the world, right?

6.       It’s a little awkward to explain to State Patrol that you are pulled over on the freeway because you are vomiting…awesome.

7.       The specific strange pain I wrote about on 1/30 has not recurred. However, I’m having increasing issues with discomfort related to my port in general. I’m starting to worry that I’m going to become an ex-bandster with all these issues. L

8.       So…turns out, I have a gluten intolerance. This is deserving of a whole separate post.

9.       I just took a flight that literally took LONGER to get to the airport, check in, board and rent a car than it would have if we had just driven to the dang destination. The drive from my house is 3 hours. The total flight time (from doors closed to doors open) was 40 minutes. Ridiculous…seriously should have driven.

10.   Scott still has not had any job contacts. L

That’s it. I think that was my first Ten Things Thursday.

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