Friday, January 25, 2013

WEEE!!!! Next interview scheduled!

So it feels like it has taken FOREVER...but I finally got notified that I'm moving on to the next round of this interview process for that job I really want. WOHOO!!!!!! They said I would hear "after the 20th"...and as the days ticked on I was getting more and more nervous that I didn't make the cut. But finally, today, I got notified that I'm scheduled to come in for another panel interview next Friday. YIKES!!! So excited and nervous and stuff!

Does this mean I have to go buy another interview shirt? Hmmmmmm

My new fill is treating me well so far. I am able to drink water again...and after re-reading past posts, now realize that it is common for me to not be able to drink water quickly the first couple days after a fill. I must sound like a broken record to you guys. Sorry about that. The fill is so far doing it's job well. I haven't "searched" for food or even deviated from my eating plan at all for the last few days. I hope this continues. I ate my first really solid food last night, which was some perfectly cooked (i.e., moist) chicken, and the amount I ate was filling and I did not get stuck at doing well so far. I have chicken planned again for lunch today. So far my 1/2 cup of cottage cheese consumed for breakfast is tiding me over well.

Now if I could just get some people to start calling my hubby in for an interview. He doesn't move as fast on applying for positions as I would like, which makes me a little bonkers. I'm perpetually afraid that a position is going to be no longer available if one does not apply ASAP....he does not seem to have this same fear.  Grrrr....he needs a JOB. I mean, it's great that he has all this spare time right now to be lazy...but I can't help but feel a sense of URGENCY about returning to the work force that he doesn't seem to have. Hopefully something will come up soon.