Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I can no longer chug water

So I got another fill yesterday…and I now have the highest fill amount in my band that I have had to date. You might recall that I had an un-fill due to a band tilt issue back before the wedding. At that time we took 2 cc’s out of my 11cc band. Well…one month after that I put 1cc back. Then 2 months later put another .5cc back in, and as of yesterday, another 1cc adjustment was done. So I’m now .5cc’s above the highest amount I’ve ever had. Yikes! I’m excited and nervous all at the same time.

But now I can’t chug water. I can drink water…2 fair-size gulps at a time…but I can tell chugging is not an option. It doesn’t get stuck…but it does sort of “mosey” on down my esophagus…an interesting feeling.

I’m ok with this…and it might loosen up. It’s just interesting right now. I can’t chug my protein shake, either…which is good. I only used to do it because I don’t totally LOVE the taste…so this makes tasting it  a much more long, drawn out process…but my whole intent with this adjustment was to slow me down. I think I have achieved that goal.

I have NO interest in food today. Usually by the end of the first day after a fill I’m fighting to stay on liquids because I’m dying to chew on something. I’m not there today. I am, however, still fighting the “want” to chew just for stress/emotional reasons. But my complete lack of appetite is making it much easier to ignore these wants. My eating habits of late were just out of bounds...I needed to reign it in by a lot. I'm hoping this does the trick.

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  1. Congrats on your fill! You will do great!I am noticing that with water as I get more in my band too.