Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Help...strange pain?

Since lunch yesterday I am getting these intermittent flashes of pain from my tummy. The weird thing is, I don't THINK it's my stomach, per se...but I can't say for sure. It almost feels like it is somewhere between the outside of my stomach and the abdominal wall. To give an idea where it's at, it's about 2 inches over from my port and about 1 inch up. The pain (I hesitate to call it that...maybe "flash of discomfort" is more appropriate) happens quick, without warning, and then is gone, lasting maybe 2 seconds. It happened about 15 times yesterday starting after lunch and carrying into the rest of the evening. It just started again just now (it's 5:30pm and my last food was 1 oz of cheese 2 hours ago).

It's not horribly uncomfortable but enough of a "zing" to get your attention and it's starting to worry me. Do you think it's band related? Have you ever felt anything like this?

Could it be port pain that is referrencing a couple inches away from the port? And what could suddenly cause port pain? (Last ab workout was Saturday and nothing unusual for me).


  1. I would definately talk to you doctor. Do you notice it more on the days after you work out real hard? Maybe a pulled muscle? Didn't you just have a fill a few days ago? Maybe there is a bit of irritation from the fill. Hopefully it will go away soon. I hope you feel better soon.

    1. This is new. First time I ever felt it was 2 days ago which was tuesday. My last workout was saturday and any residual abdominal soreness from that ab routine was already gone.

      I did have a fill a weeka and a half ago, and it's tight enough that I've had a couple of stuck-ish episodes...maybe I've irritated something, like you said. The good news is that I only had that wierd pain a few times yesterday as I wrote this blog and then none the rest of the night, even after eating again. I think I'm going to do a soft diet today and if it comes back again I will call my doctor.