Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Help...strange pain?

Since lunch yesterday I am getting these intermittent flashes of pain from my tummy. The weird thing is, I don't THINK it's my stomach, per se...but I can't say for sure. It almost feels like it is somewhere between the outside of my stomach and the abdominal wall. To give an idea where it's at, it's about 2 inches over from my port and about 1 inch up. The pain (I hesitate to call it that...maybe "flash of discomfort" is more appropriate) happens quick, without warning, and then is gone, lasting maybe 2 seconds. It happened about 15 times yesterday starting after lunch and carrying into the rest of the evening. It just started again just now (it's 5:30pm and my last food was 1 oz of cheese 2 hours ago).

It's not horribly uncomfortable but enough of a "zing" to get your attention and it's starting to worry me. Do you think it's band related? Have you ever felt anything like this?

Could it be port pain that is referrencing a couple inches away from the port? And what could suddenly cause port pain? (Last ab workout was Saturday and nothing unusual for me).

Friday, January 25, 2013

WEEE!!!! Next interview scheduled!

So it feels like it has taken FOREVER...but I finally got notified that I'm moving on to the next round of this interview process for that job I really want. WOHOO!!!!!! They said I would hear "after the 20th"...and as the days ticked on I was getting more and more nervous that I didn't make the cut. But finally, today, I got notified that I'm scheduled to come in for another panel interview next Friday. YIKES!!! So excited and nervous and stuff!

Does this mean I have to go buy another interview shirt? Hmmmmmm

My new fill is treating me well so far. I am able to drink water again...and after re-reading past posts, now realize that it is common for me to not be able to drink water quickly the first couple days after a fill. I must sound like a broken record to you guys. Sorry about that. The fill is so far doing it's job well. I haven't "searched" for food or even deviated from my eating plan at all for the last few days. I hope this continues. I ate my first really solid food last night, which was some perfectly cooked (i.e., moist) chicken, and the amount I ate was filling and I did not get stuck at doing well so far. I have chicken planned again for lunch today. So far my 1/2 cup of cottage cheese consumed for breakfast is tiding me over well.

Now if I could just get some people to start calling my hubby in for an interview. He doesn't move as fast on applying for positions as I would like, which makes me a little bonkers. I'm perpetually afraid that a position is going to be no longer available if one does not apply ASAP....he does not seem to have this same fear.  Grrrr....he needs a JOB. I mean, it's great that he has all this spare time right now to be lazy...but I can't help but feel a sense of URGENCY about returning to the work force that he doesn't seem to have. Hopefully something will come up soon.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I can no longer chug water

So I got another fill yesterday…and I now have the highest fill amount in my band that I have had to date. You might recall that I had an un-fill due to a band tilt issue back before the wedding. At that time we took 2 cc’s out of my 11cc band. Well…one month after that I put 1cc back. Then 2 months later put another .5cc back in, and as of yesterday, another 1cc adjustment was done. So I’m now .5cc’s above the highest amount I’ve ever had. Yikes! I’m excited and nervous all at the same time.

But now I can’t chug water. I can drink water…2 fair-size gulps at a time…but I can tell chugging is not an option. It doesn’t get stuck…but it does sort of “mosey” on down my esophagus…an interesting feeling.

I’m ok with this…and it might loosen up. It’s just interesting right now. I can’t chug my protein shake, either…which is good. I only used to do it because I don’t totally LOVE the taste…so this makes tasting it  a much more long, drawn out process…but my whole intent with this adjustment was to slow me down. I think I have achieved that goal.

I have NO interest in food today. Usually by the end of the first day after a fill I’m fighting to stay on liquids because I’m dying to chew on something. I’m not there today. I am, however, still fighting the “want” to chew just for stress/emotional reasons. But my complete lack of appetite is making it much easier to ignore these wants. My eating habits of late were just out of bounds...I needed to reign it in by a lot. I'm hoping this does the trick.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


So…here I am on interview day, with hose and a jacket. I spoke with the recruiter who told me that I should wear a jacket even though their environment is business casual. Anyway, the interview went great…but I don’t know anything yet. They said they would let me know if I made it to the next round around January 20th….so I’m sitting on FREAKIN PINS AND NEEDLES waiting. But…I’m happy with how it went…and will be eternally crushed if I don’t move on to the next round.
And for fun…here’s me….ummm…batmanning? Well….that’s what we have been calling it. I’m doing a 60 degree inversion, which I still, gotta say, has absolutely changed my life! I’m so grateful to have found this for my sciatica. I can’t believe the impact it has made.
Last week my workout schedule was fantabulistic….till I got my period….then I felt like hell, and a little depressed and have not worked out since. I’ll get back on it tomorrow. Last month was another month of really looking like the chance of getting PG was good…really, REALLY good (I actually ovulated with a little help from Clomid, we timed things right, etc.)….but alas, again…not meant to be. I suppose it’s good, since I’m up for a new job and Scott lost his job….but with time running out on my biological clock, it’s a huge disappointment none-the-less.
Even though I’m doing well with my workouts, my food quantity is inching up again, so I requested a fill appointment today. I really do want to win this battle....but I don’t know that I will ever “win”…I’ll always be just trying to stay one step ahead of the enemy.