Thursday, December 27, 2012

In other news…I have an interview…so…Hose or no hose?

I’m very excited (and nervous) about a job interview with a company where I really, REALLY want to work. I had a phone interview for a position that I truly believe I’m a good fit for and they asked me to come in for an in-person interview on January 4th.  WEEEE!!!!!!
Of course…this meant new clothes were in order. So I have a couple of questions. I believe this company’s office environment dresses in a “business casual” way…so these are the two interview outfits I picked out. I’ve decided on the royal blue one with the belt. Any thoughts? Should I skip the sweater and go back to a traditional button-down blouse?
This is the one I'm fairly certain I'm going to wear.

I bought this one sweater, too....just to have.
Most importantly…what in the world is the rule on hose these days? Last time I had an interview with a major corporation where I wore a business suit, hose were a must (this was in 1997). I can’t find anything online to really give a definitive answer on this for today. So let’s assume hose are still a must….would you wear skin color, or black hose with this outfit? If black, should it be hose or tights? I’m probably putting way too much thought into this. I haven’t owned hose in forever! Tights, yes….pantyhose, no. I need guidance.


  1. Latest on hose from Jezebel

  2. so...I wear pants to an interview to avoid that issue but I interview for nursing positions where clothes aren't that big of an issue since you'll be wearing scrubs if you get the job...but if you must wear hose, I'd go with that outfit...great color on you, flattering and professional.

  3. I like the outfit as well. You look sharp and a step above business casual. Personally, I wear hose. Good luck1

    1. Hose it is! I will go shopping for some today. Thanks for everyone's guidance!