Monday, November 5, 2012

Eek! The holidays are coming!

Well I'm several weeks post-fill now and am so glad to have that 1 oz back. I *think* it might have me at a good fill level. I'm TRYING to pay attention to the signs. The great news is that I have not had any bad pb'ing, no sticking....but I do sometimes wonder if just a skosh more would be prudent. Like I said, I'm trying to pay closer attention to my body cues and use this thing as a tool for satiation instead of a barricade for food entry.

My band, however, does not prevent me from eating bad food...that's still on me....and I ate some bad stuff a bunch of cookies made from my MIL's amazing recipe. Nobody to blame but me...but darn if it wasn't delicious!

On a positive note, this year I opted to not participate in Halloween trick-or-treaters at all because I knew that the leftover candy in my house is just impossible to resist...even when I buy stuff I don't even like. So instead of dealing with candy, I went to the gym. One holiday down...2 months of yummy holiday events to go.

Speaking of Halloween...I did dress up for a costume party. What cracks me up about this outfit is that the only thing I had to actually purchase to complete this look was the earrings...the rest I owned. I'm not sure what that says about me...

You need to see the eyes close up...I think they were a work of art, frankly:

It's hard to tell from this pic, but there is a lot of sparkle happening in the eye region! P.S....glitter kinda hurts feels like sandpaper when removing eye makeup at the end of the night. Just sayin.

Due to a financial setback, I'm back to working out on my own again. No more trainer 2 days a week. Worse yet is that my elliptical is dying a slow, painful death. As a result, I am attempting to take advantage of a YMCA membership we have so the kids can go to gymnastics once a week. I hate...HATE driving so far out of my way for my daily workout, but I'm determined to make this work. However, one issue I'm already having is that the Precor ellipticals at the Y have a different stride than my Nordic Track elliptical has at home, and as a result something bad happens to my knee every time I try to use it. A serious injury to my knee would be very bad, so I'm nervous about moving forward. My physical therapist has advised that I try to work my way up to doing the full time on the Precor instead of jumping right in with 45 minutes like I did the first night. That means trying to find something else to do that gets my heart rate up for 30-45 minutes while I work into this new stride. Given my spinal cord limitations, this might be rough...but I'll figure it out. Walking on a treadmill doesn't pump up my heart rate because I can't go that fast...but I might try to work 3 or so various machines in and see what I can make work. I still have some options at home, too...but the change is going to take a while to embrace. Stupid money...and stupid sub-optimal metabolism that doesn't allow me to eat with reckless abandon....grrrrrrr

Back to work today...I like the food and workout routine that comes with going to work. Routine is good...I apparently need routines.

I claimed this was also a halloween costume...except that I wear it all the time. Yes...I'm "Workout Girl!"


  1. Love the costume! So cool.
    I am too struggling with the work out routine which used to be the one thing I had down to a science! Constant battles...

    1. It does seem like the battles never end. *sigh*