Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Did I mention...

...that I have a plastics consult friday? Yeah...I do. I can't afford surgery now, by any means...but I'm curious about my options, and even if I can continue day-dreaming about affording it. I'm worried that my surgical history makes me a not-so-great candidate to do this. Better for me to find out now than to continue day dreaming only to find out later I'm not going to be allowed to do it.

I'm interested in a tummy tuck and breast lift, while also curious if there is any hope for my inner thighs, and someday I'd like to do something about my turkey neck...but the first two are the most important to me right now. My dangling tummy is never going to shrink so much so as to not dangle...and sure would be nice to have one flat tummy instead of two separate dangling tummies (one upper tummy, one lower tummy).

Alas...this is all probably for nothing...but I'd like to find out my options, and the prices, and see if it's something I can start working towards.

Scott, of course, could care less...this is all for my own vanity sake. It will be interesting to see how this consult goes.

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