Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stupid hip pain

So frustrating to be ready and WANTING to work out regularly again, only to get foiled by my hip. I got on the elliptical last night for about 10 minutes but my hip was just NOT having it. It was a cardio day for me, so I couldn't switch to weights because I had done them the night before and am doing them again tonight. The hip pain the last couple of days has been out of control. I finally have an appointment with a PT office today...hopefully I will have some relief soon.

Today's food plan looks remarkably similar to yesterdays because yesterdays changed after my lunch out so I still had everything all packed up to use for today's meals. I still did well through the rest of the day though, I'm proud to say. I'm back to snacking at bed-time which is a problem...I gotta stop that. Those damn cashews are so good and they just call my name. I suppose it's better than a serving of Doritos, right?

This is how yesterday turned out:

This is the plan for today:

I've already indulged in the zone perfect bar today...those might be too yummy to keep in the rotation. However, with 14 grams of protein, it's not THAT bad. The problem is that I'm eating them for a snack time when I'm not all that hungry, instead of saving them for a later snack when I might need something more filling. That's just silly...self control would be good here.

I learned today that my primary care physician is retiring at the end of the year. I'm happy for her...but nervous for me. I have a ton of issues that she and I have gotten down to a science in the last few years. She has been my doctor since 2002. In that time I've gone from needing monthly office visits to only seeing her every 6 months and that is only because my prescriptions have to be renewed. Things like my hip pain I can just call her and request a PT referral and she will give it to me without requiring me to come in. Other doctors (in the same office) insist on me coming in, even if I'm not asking for pain medication...which I find annoying. This happened yesterday...all I wanted was a referral out to PT to have this pain evaluated and most likely get a manual adjustment to fix it...but because my doctor was out for the day, I couldn't get that. They wanted me to come in, which would entail paying for an office visit, taking 1/2 a day of work and driving the 45 minutes it would take from my office to get there, just so they could hand me a PT referral. Instead of dealing with all that I just suffered through the night with the pain and waited for my doctor to be in today...and of course, as soon as she got my phone message, she faxed me a referral. I just saved myself 4 hours of my life, $20 in gas and the money for an office visit and am still getting into PT today, which is what I would have had to do anyway if I had done all that other stuff for the other doc. I hope the transition to a new Primary Care doc goes well.

Earlier this week I started a new supplement in a last ditch effort to try to get pregnant. I've started taking myo-inositol, which I read about on a fertility message board. It's supposed to help with PCOS and I've read a couple of studies that show some weight loss side effects in obese women with PCOS. It's POSSIBLE this supplement has NOTHING to do with this, but my "level of satiation" the last few days has been very good. It could just be a good time of the month for me (cuz heaven knows I can swing wildly on the hunger spectrum)....but it will be interesting to see if I continue feeling this way on this supplement.

PT this afternoon, then a workout with the trainer tonight. And then it will be friday! YAY!!!!

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