Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I'm unfilled, married, and 15 lbs heavier

It's all over...the wedding, the honeymoon, the craziness...it's time to finally find some semblance of "normal" again.

In the last few months I had a fill that I did not seem to tolerate well. About 2 weeks before the wedding I went in to see Kat for an unfill because I was vomiting at least once a week. The issue was weird though...I could eat something with no problem one day, but eat the same thing the next day and get stuck on the second bite. It went on like this for far too long. When I finally went back to my clinic, they insisted that I have an esophagram done to make sure I hadn't slipped. The findings were "interesting". While I haven't slipped, I have a bit of an "anterior tilt" which might explain some of the issues I've been having. The most interesting thing, however, is that my doctor said that I had very little restriction at all (I was at 7 cc's in an 11cc band) and said that I was surprisingly successful considering how easily the contrast moved through. At this point there isn't a real understanding as to why I would have the sticking issues...personally, I think my band or stomach moves and the sticking was probably position-dependent...and the position for the esophagram was perfect to allow free-flow through the stoma. But what do I know...I'm no medical professional. I just say this because sometimes it seemed like standing up would help move things along.

The tilt was not "dangerous" per se but because of that and because I was about to leave the country for my honeymoon and Kat did not want to risk any issues while away, she took 2 cc's out of my band.

Man alive can I tell the difference! It's like I have no band at ALL now. UGH! She said that I could have at least 1 cc put back in when I returned if I thought I still needed it....ummm....yeah....as soon as I started eating solid food again I called and scheduled the re-fill. The 4 weeks with less fluid could possibly have helped the "tilt" issue by allowing the stomach to relax and hopefully put things back where they belonged so it was necessary...but oy, did I learn that I'm not ready to let go of the band yet, that is for sure!

So in the mean time, I'm gaining like a champ!

It's not all fat...I know this just because of simple laws of calorie consumption. But it is NOT fun to see these numbers on the scale again. So I'm back to tracking my calories and upping my protein intake while I wait for my fill which is next week. It doesn't help that I had a wedding and a honeymoon in the last few weeks to properly ply me with plenty of delicious food-type items....and being that I clearly have ZERO self control...

Anyway, here are some pictures from the wedding and honeymoon...I weighed 175 the morning of the wedding, 186 this morning. There is work to be done.

The dress made me feel amazing

With the girls...the littlest wasn't too sure about all this

One of my favorites...I'm using this for the thank you cards

This picture makes me cry...the way she is looking up to us during the cremony...she is so beautiful!

The rest of these are from the honeymoon...we went on a cruise to Cabo and Puerto Vallarta.

From the formal night on the cruise

On an excursion to Yelapa

On the beach in Puerto Vallarta


  1. Absolutely gorgeous pictures! You look amazing and very happy. Hope your fill goes well!