Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ooh look, my ankle bones are back!

I sure have missed those. It seems as though some of the water weight is finally shedding...thank goodness!

I've gotten a few solid days of exercise in this I'm on the right track. My elliptical is starting to make some funny noises, but who could blame it after how much I've used it the last 2 years, so I think it is high-time for a tune baby is getting some TLC this Saturday. I hope this takes care of the funny noises because I surely can't afford a new machine right now. I'm already looking at giving up my trainer again...a thought that does not make me happy. :(

My band is doing it's job well the last couple of days. As promised I'm trying to pay more attention to "appetite suppression" and only eating when truly hungry, focusing on proteins,'s working. So far I've broken out of the vicious cycle I had gotten myself into of making bad choices and eating just to be eating. Now to just work this extra weight from that experience off....this is where I have a struggle with "patience".

The shooting pains down my right hip and leg are gone...oh sweet respite! I was in so much pain there for a while. I have to really remember to keep my tailbone "tucked under" and my abs "sucked in" when I work really makes a huge difference and I sure as heck don't want that pain to come back! But all the tail-bone tucking and ab-sucking is really giving my core a workout this week...and I'm feeling it every day. It's good though...much better than being in pain!

Time to go do my Thursday workout!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ahhhh....I needed that

1 CC put back in yesterday. I am on fluids till tomorrow morning...but I am very hopeful that I will start to feel the positive effects of being banded again soon. I need to...I'm a freakin blimp. My in-office weight yesterday was 191! My previous in-office weight one month ago was 179. UGH!!! I have two perfectly valid excuses for this though that I have to try to keep in mind:

  1. About 5 days ago I read that taking spironolactone was dangerous for a fetus so you need to be off of it if trying to get pregnant. We have been sorta trying to get PG for months but kicked it up a notch last month by taking clomid because my "fertile period" was right during our honeymoon...why not give it the "old college try". I read this info about spironolactone on a PCOS message board for women trying to conceive (I have PCOS). A lot of PCOS women take it for some of their PCOS side effects. I happen to take it as a potassium-sparing water pill in addition to my hydrocholorthiazide. As soon as I read that it was very dangerous for male fetuses I stopped taking it. My scale jumped 3 lbs by the end of the next day.
  2. Yesterday was the first day of my period. That ALONE can account for 5 lbs on me, easily...sometimes more. Obviously, I'm not PG. :(
In the mean time, my clothes are tight, I feel like I look aweful (I'm sure this is just me), I keep getting blisters on my feet from my shoes because my feet are so fat right now....I'm just so over it.

But now I have 1 of my 2 removed CC's back, so hopefully I will feel my appetite start to decrease soon. Thanks to Lap Band Gal for posting this article, which I had read a year or more ago but needed the refresher today.

I'd post my menu for today, but it is woefully boring. Protein Smoothie, followed by a protein shake, then another protein shake...and then maybe a protein shake. On to mushies tomorrow!

Oh...and I have not had a single painful back/leg/hip/whatever you wanna call it spasm in 24 hours now. BLISS!

I'm off to physical therapy.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Before and After Pics...what do you think?

I made these to post on my personal trainer's facebook and yelp pages...what do you think?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stupid hip pain

So frustrating to be ready and WANTING to work out regularly again, only to get foiled by my hip. I got on the elliptical last night for about 10 minutes but my hip was just NOT having it. It was a cardio day for me, so I couldn't switch to weights because I had done them the night before and am doing them again tonight. The hip pain the last couple of days has been out of control. I finally have an appointment with a PT office today...hopefully I will have some relief soon.

Today's food plan looks remarkably similar to yesterdays because yesterdays changed after my lunch out so I still had everything all packed up to use for today's meals. I still did well through the rest of the day though, I'm proud to say. I'm back to snacking at bed-time which is a problem...I gotta stop that. Those damn cashews are so good and they just call my name. I suppose it's better than a serving of Doritos, right?

This is how yesterday turned out:

This is the plan for today:

I've already indulged in the zone perfect bar today...those might be too yummy to keep in the rotation. However, with 14 grams of protein, it's not THAT bad. The problem is that I'm eating them for a snack time when I'm not all that hungry, instead of saving them for a later snack when I might need something more filling. That's just silly...self control would be good here.

I learned today that my primary care physician is retiring at the end of the year. I'm happy for her...but nervous for me. I have a ton of issues that she and I have gotten down to a science in the last few years. She has been my doctor since 2002. In that time I've gone from needing monthly office visits to only seeing her every 6 months and that is only because my prescriptions have to be renewed. Things like my hip pain I can just call her and request a PT referral and she will give it to me without requiring me to come in. Other doctors (in the same office) insist on me coming in, even if I'm not asking for pain medication...which I find annoying. This happened yesterday...all I wanted was a referral out to PT to have this pain evaluated and most likely get a manual adjustment to fix it...but because my doctor was out for the day, I couldn't get that. They wanted me to come in, which would entail paying for an office visit, taking 1/2 a day of work and driving the 45 minutes it would take from my office to get there, just so they could hand me a PT referral. Instead of dealing with all that I just suffered through the night with the pain and waited for my doctor to be in today...and of course, as soon as she got my phone message, she faxed me a referral. I just saved myself 4 hours of my life, $20 in gas and the money for an office visit and am still getting into PT today, which is what I would have had to do anyway if I had done all that other stuff for the other doc. I hope the transition to a new Primary Care doc goes well.

Earlier this week I started a new supplement in a last ditch effort to try to get pregnant. I've started taking myo-inositol, which I read about on a fertility message board. It's supposed to help with PCOS and I've read a couple of studies that show some weight loss side effects in obese women with PCOS. It's POSSIBLE this supplement has NOTHING to do with this, but my "level of satiation" the last few days has been very good. It could just be a good time of the month for me (cuz heaven knows I can swing wildly on the hunger spectrum)....but it will be interesting to see if I continue feeling this way on this supplement.

PT this afternoon, then a workout with the trainer tonight. And then it will be friday! YAY!!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Food tracking a good girl

Today's food plan...I packed my food for work and then decided to go to lunch (for my favorite chicken bowl!) with my co-worker, so some adjustments were made. The adjustments fit perfectly...I still get a fair amount of calories, a whole lot of food and a very respectable amount of protein. Also, I plan to do an hour of elliptical when I get home...that will be my 3rd workout this week. Not bad for 3 days back into tracking and working out.  I'm determined to get back to doing what worked the first time.

Good news is that focusing on protein (like I was always supposed to) is already helping my lack of restriction situation. I ate cottage cheese for breakfast 2+ hours ago and have been quite satisfied since. I'm also focusing on water and have 32 ounces in so far for today. I can do this...I know I can.

184.6 on the scale this morning. I love shedding water weight!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I'm unfilled, married, and 15 lbs heavier

It's all over...the wedding, the honeymoon, the's time to finally find some semblance of "normal" again.

In the last few months I had a fill that I did not seem to tolerate well. About 2 weeks before the wedding I went in to see Kat for an unfill because I was vomiting at least once a week. The issue was weird though...I could eat something with no problem one day, but eat the same thing the next day and get stuck on the second bite. It went on like this for far too long. When I finally went back to my clinic, they insisted that I have an esophagram done to make sure I hadn't slipped. The findings were "interesting". While I haven't slipped, I have a bit of an "anterior tilt" which might explain some of the issues I've been having. The most interesting thing, however, is that my doctor said that I had very little restriction at all (I was at 7 cc's in an 11cc band) and said that I was surprisingly successful considering how easily the contrast moved through. At this point there isn't a real understanding as to why I would have the sticking issues...personally, I think my band or stomach moves and the sticking was probably position-dependent...and the position for the esophagram was perfect to allow free-flow through the stoma. But what do I know...I'm no medical professional. I just say this because sometimes it seemed like standing up would help move things along.

The tilt was not "dangerous" per se but because of that and because I was about to leave the country for my honeymoon and Kat did not want to risk any issues while away, she took 2 cc's out of my band.

Man alive can I tell the difference! It's like I have no band at ALL now. UGH! She said that I could have at least 1 cc put back in when I returned if I thought I still needed soon as I started eating solid food again I called and scheduled the re-fill. The 4 weeks with less fluid could possibly have helped the "tilt" issue by allowing the stomach to relax and hopefully put things back where they belonged so it was necessary...but oy, did I learn that I'm not ready to let go of the band yet, that is for sure!

So in the mean time, I'm gaining like a champ!

It's not all fat...I know this just because of simple laws of calorie consumption. But it is NOT fun to see these numbers on the scale again. So I'm back to tracking my calories and upping my protein intake while I wait for my fill which is next week. It doesn't help that I had a wedding and a honeymoon in the last few weeks to properly ply me with plenty of delicious food-type items....and being that I clearly have ZERO self control...

Anyway, here are some pictures from the wedding and honeymoon...I weighed 175 the morning of the wedding, 186 this morning. There is work to be done.

The dress made me feel amazing

With the girls...the littlest wasn't too sure about all this

One of my favorites...I'm using this for the thank you cards

This picture makes me cry...the way she is looking up to us during the cremony...she is so beautiful!

The rest of these are from the honeymoon...we went on a cruise to Cabo and Puerto Vallarta.

From the formal night on the cruise

On an excursion to Yelapa

On the beach in Puerto Vallarta