Saturday, July 28, 2012

Where did that month go?

Has it really been a solid month since my last post? I gotta tell ya...time is FLYING at ridiculous warp speed. Once I hit the "less than 100 days till the wedding" mark, I haven't been able to keep up with ANYTHING!

For the record...there are 50 days left. 50!

The last 4-5 weeks have been insane. First, I went to Washington DC for the first time, which was amazing. I really enjoyed that trip. I got there a week after the horrible weather and truly lucked out. It was hot, but not humid. the only weather problem I had was a freak rain storm I got caught in while exploring the sites the first evening I was there. I was literally trapped under the eves of an information center for an hour before finally deciding to make a break for it to find a taxi. Once in a taxi I STILL couldn't get back to the hotel because the streets were flooded. Can you believe it! It was the craziest thing.

That's me in front of the White House - before the freak rain storm

While in DC I walked a TON...and I also managed to get 2 workouts in at the hotel gym. I ate "ok"...not fantastic but no damage done.

Then the week after I returned from DC was my 20 year high school reunion. I'm glad I went. It was a crazy action/food/alcohol packed weekend. I'm proud to say that my weight is right back where it likes to stay...181. Could be worse after that level of craziness.

My 10 year reunion was just a couple months after becoming I was there in a wheelchair, weighing about 300 lbs. In high school I hit 215 as a freshman and just went up from to show up at the reunion walking with a crutch and weighing only 181 was a big deal to me. And I think I looked pretty darn good. Here is a photo from the formal reunion event night. There were some less formal events that led up to this as well.

I got a ton of compliments about looking good...but what was weird was that nobody wanted to talk about the fact that I'm walking...which to me is a greater accomplishment. I feel kinda weird that weight loss is "ok" to cover but learning to walk again is somewhat it just me, or is that weird? Or maybe it's my greatest fear of all...maybe everybody thought I was in the wheelchair because of my weight. This has always been the thing that freaked me out the most...the judgement of people assuming that I was in a chair/scooter/walker, etc, because I was overweight, not because I had a physiological issue. I guess I'll never know what people thought was going on. 

I am learning...or my body is changing...not sure which...that my band can be really tight in the morning. I'm not sure I ever really noticed this before because I usually drink a protein shake on the way to work. But I found recently...when trying to eat solid food in the first few hours of the day, that I sometimes can't really get it down. I went out to breakfast with Scott and my dad one morning and literally took 2 bites of a fried egg, and about a tablespoon of hash browns and got stuck....for like 20 minutes. I didn't PB...though I wanted to...but I sat there looking miserable for a while. Once it cleared all was well...but I'm finding this more and more, that the first few bites of solid food in the morning just don't agree with me.

Of course this is becoming an issue NOW as I'm trying to eat more solid foods (again) and rely less on supplements (again), because apparently I don't learn lessons the first time around. This week I've been concentrating on eating a full solid breakfast every protein shakes AT ALL, and for the most part it makes me less hungry throughout the day. Pretty sure I've blogged about this before, but somehow I lose site of this magic in the glory of the "30 grams of protein for only 180 calories" shake. It's a band solid food to feel full...yet somehow I keep forgetting it and getting trapped in the "keep calories low, protein high" mindset of a dieter. Bad bandster!

One more thing real quick, then I have to get back to work (because I'm actually AT THE OFFICE on a Saturday due to some horrid deadlines I'm up against!). Scott was looking through a friends FB photo album the other day and specifically looking at a trip he knew I had gone one. He said he flew right past all the pictures of me, not recognizing me at all, only later realizing it was me because my crutch was next to me. I looked at the picture and have to say...he's right. It's weird. I'm not at goal, but WOW...I don't look the same at all. See for's one of the photo's he cruised past without realizing it was me until he saw my crutch:

For the record...I'm the one in white. Wow...I look so different!

Ok...gotta run. Hopefully I will post again super soon! And hopefully it won't be as rushed as this one!

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  1. wow girl, what a DIFFERENCE in you!! way to go!