Thursday, June 14, 2012

SparkPeople chicken count too good to be true?

The Teriyaki Chicken Hot Bowl of goodness!
Today I actually went through the effort of weighing out the chicken that comes in my hot bowl because I wanted to make sure I was accounting for it correctly in my food log. Turns out that I had actually over-estimated the weight. I thought I was eating 200 grams but it's really only 170. Anyway, I was feeling pretty good about this till I started poking around on the interwebs and found SEVERAL different answers for how many calories in 170 grams of chicken. Now I'm confused and don't know what to believe. I hope SparkPeople is correct...because if that is wrong (and this is not an "end user entry" item), then I'm left to doubt all other entries. Bah!

Here's a picture of what my food log looks like for today. The snacks are divied up between meals. My surgeon has us eating 6 meals a day. I'm not sure how people that do only 3 times a day do it to be honest...except on days where I eat a BIG meal (like the chicken bowl days), I'm ready for a light snack 2-3 hours after a meal. And I actually don't ALWAYS eat everything in my plan...I play it by ear. I start the day by entering my "plan" into the nutrition tracker...and sometimes I will skip a piece of cheese or something, usually to save calories for my taco-time with Scott. In any case...this is the plan for today, and if I cut anything it will be the cheese, and maybe the laughing cow cheese/crackers, and possibly the pudding and Kashi (which I mix together and is delicious!)...seriously, this chicken bowl is so filling. I'm not sure WHEN I'll be hungry again!

If all is correct on this, I should get 122-136 grams of protein in today....not bad I think. I've been trying to get about this much for the last week or so.

Scale dipped it's toe below 180 today...not sure if I can count it just yet. My period is due today...but it's toying with me. The next few days on the scale should be fun. I did NOT get up to work out this morning as I had planned, and the kids will be dropped off at the house at 7pm at which time we pretty much promptly start "bedtime routine" I may have to wait to workout after Scott comes home tonight. That will suck, but I don't want to lose the streak I have going on right now.

That's it for now...

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