Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bathing Suit Shopping

I did well with the motivation to work out last week...and lost it again this week. I will (if it kills me) do at least 30 minutes on the elliptical tonight, and then tomorrow I have an after-work session with Mark (thank goodness he is back!) so hopefully I will get moving the right direction again. Only 4 more days left of the month to get some more pink dots on my calendar! I gotta work it!!!!

Food wise, now that my period is over, things are going soooo much better. I can say that I have made some relatively good food choices in the last week, and even indulged a couple times without going "crazy" enjoying a single fast food burrito. I'm sure the taco bell people think I'm crazy when I come through and order only one item for 99 cents. I also enjoyed some chips and salsa from my favorite restaurant, where I managed to not eat the entire basket! That same day I enjoyed a 1/2 of a hot fudge sunday with my 4 year old step-daughter. When I was done I pushed it away and she asked why I didn't finish it and I told her because my belly was full and I didn't want any more. She looked at me like I'd lost my could someone push away icecream, after all??? I've only had one stuck incident in the last week, and it was totally my fault for eating something bread-related too fast. With hormones out of the way, I think I can finally say I'm at a good fill level.

Friday I decided it was time to buy a couple of swimsuits for my upcoming cruise. I wanted to buy now while there is still a lot to choose from because they will be off the sales floor within the next couple months. So...mentally, was I prepared for this? Eh...hard to say. I can say that I fit into size 12 suits. I can also say that I DESPERATELY need some surgeries (breast lift and a tummy tuck/lower body lift)...and there may be absolutely no hope for my thighs....but all in all, it could have been worse. I even took a couple pictures that I'm sharing here to show what I look like...35 pounds from goal. It's not great...and I know I have no business wearing a bikini top...but I think I will on the cruise. After all, do I give a crap what others think of my stretch marks and saggy upper tummy? Nope...really don't.

I definitely could look better...and really, REALLY need some surgical intervention...but all in all, I'm proud of how far I've come. Of these pictures, I only bought the little black skirt. Although I'm not hating the pink top so much. Anyway...I have 2.5 months to work a little more on my flabby abs...the flab will still be there, but I'd like to minimize the side fat a little more before cruise time. Oooh...that reminds me....I just ordered Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. I think it's similar to my current workouts, but I can't wait to try it out!

One more pic...just cuz it's cute. This is my 4 year old bonus-baby eating an ice cream sunday with me....but she is wearing my workout jacket with the thumbholes in it...and she has her little thumbs through the thumbholes...which for some reason I just thought was the cutest thing ever! I think it was because she was essentially mimicking me...I don't know what this was so heartwarming but it was. She wore my jacket the whole rest of the day while I froze my booty off.

Here's another one of her...just being plane cute eating her "orange rice"...which is what she calls Spanish Rice at the mexican restaurant. I had my favorite bowl of Chicken Tortilla soup, of course.

And's my food plan for today. Just finished my Chili....delicious!

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  1. You are looking AMAZING in those swimsuits! I especially like the two piece :)

    Nicely done on all that food tracking too. Superstar!