Monday, May 21, 2012

Broccoli, fills, and ships, oh my!

  • My future mother in law has gotten me addicted to broccoli slaw from Costco. There could be worse things to be addicted to, I suppose.  
  • My current band fill level is either too full or just right…I am not entirely sure which. 
  • I just booked a honeymoon cruise to Mexico…so plenty of incentive to really keep up the sculpting exercises!

Have I mentioned the broccoli slaw before? It’s from Costco…shredded broccoli with a slaw dressing that has a hint of onion to it, cran-raisins and cashews and bacon bits. Karen, Scott’s mom, made it as a side with dinner the first night I met her. I love this stuff…but I have a couple beefs with the Costco version, as fantastically delicious as it is. First, the package includes florets, which are fine, but this salad tastes better without them in my opinion.

Second, Costco being Costco…sometimes it’s not there when I want it. This happened a couple months ago, so I was forced to come up with a replacement. This process had its advantages in the calorie department though. I never fully understood how much SUGAR goes into slaw dressing…holy cow! So I’ve since modified my recipe with Splenda instead with very satisfactory results. Unfortunately, my recipe is not yet sugar free because I also add a little Vidalia onion dressing to the mix (which contains sugar), but I’m working on it.

Third, since I’m not buying the package from Costco anymore, I can go for a bag of straight shreds from the grocery store, which makes me happy. Finally, I found that you don’t really “need” the bacon bits, so I saved a few calories there. My version is not necessarily cheaper than the Costco version though, when it comes to dollar bills, I do think it is a little healthier.

I can admit that this doesn’t do much in the protein department…but it’s so delicious, and filling…and somehow keeps me satiated for long periods of time…so I’m ok with this addiction. Once a day isn’t going to kill me. I’m eating it now as I type this blog over my lunch hour. Mmmmm….broccoli slaw….

3 weeks out from my last fill and I’m not entirely sure what to think. I get stuck now…frequently…at least this has been the case over the last week. However, I’m getting stuck on things I know FULL WELL I should not be eating…like breaded chicken, or pasta, or any other bread-related item. Yes…I’m finally bread intolerant. Every time I go in for a band fill I get asked “can you tolerate bread” and my answer has historically been yes. Well…not anymore.

Does this mean Frito Bandito is too full? Well…I don’t think so. I think it means I’m where I’m supposed to be, but I’m still allowing myself to break the band rules…so getting stuck is MY fault, not the fault of the fill. I’m learning. My menu today does not include bread at all. Yesterday after eating breakfast (one where I didn’t get stuck at all), I didn’t hunt for food or get hungry again till much later in the day. I’m hopefully that I have truly just re-discovered my green zone. Today my hunger seems to be at bay as well, though I am still sticking to eating my allotted meals every 2.5 hours. At least I’m not hungry every hour anymore!

And finally…we booked a cruise for our honeymoon! September 23rd I will be sailing out of Long Beach to Mexico! Can’t wait!!!! I’ve been really focusing on sculpting exercises lately as part of my preparation for wearing a strapless wedding dress…so now I just have to keep that up. Sadly, since I don’t really lose “2 lbs a week” anymore, my goal of 160 by the wedding is no longer in site…but I’m ok with whatever number I’m at, as long as it is lower than today.

Onward and downward…I hope!