Thursday, November 17, 2011

187.4, flying while un-fat, and a graduation

I know I haven’t posted in forever. I am soooooo incredibly busy these days that, unfortunately, even my workout has suffered. I’m trying to get that back on track but it is hard, I tell ya.

The good news is that my weight is not going UP. It is barely coming down….the trend is down, the speed is just slow. I know I can change this by picking up my workout steam again. But at least the direction it is going is the right one.

I was in New Orleans from November 5-9. It was my first time flying since February. I think if I remember correctly I did not require a seatbelt extender in February. This time, not only did I not require the extender, but I had a good 6 inches pulled in excess of that bad boy. Damn that felt good! I no longer wish I was in first class just for more seat room. Now I just wish I was in first class for the free swag….though admittedly, there isn’t much swag up there anymore anyway.

While in NOLA I did manage to get one solid workout in. I took my exercise bands with me and designed a circuit routine around bands only since I didn’t have access to weights. Oh my…that workout kicked my booty!!! I’m going to add it into the rotation. Anyone looking for cheap exercise gear for home use, I highly recommend resistance bands with the door-jam anchor thingy. You can pick up a set on Amazon for less than 20 bucks and if you look up some videos on how to use them, you can really get a serious workout out of these on a regular basis. I use a set I bought at a sporting goods store. I’ve mostly had them in my routines for back and triceps exercises till now…they are seriously versatile!

Because I was deathly afraid of WAY OVEREATING while traveling (so easy to do!), I packed 4 protein shakes, 2 Luna bars and 3 Atkins protein bars with me, just in case. I’m so glad I did this. I used these for meal replacements a few of the days, saving caloric room for dinner and way more fried food, beignets and pralines than I should have ever consumed. I even drank two alcoholic beverages while there (although one of them could easily count as at least 3). I felt a little justified since I replaced a couple of meals with the items I brought along, and even more justified since I spent the majority of my time there on my feet walking around. Well…I guess it worked. I came back from NOLA weighing one pound LESS than when I left! And it has continued to come down in the week since my return. So…the band is working. I know I ate more then I should have been able to while I was there, and I know I made some bad choices….however, it totally gave me the self-control I needed to avoid going too crazy! Without the band…I could have easily put 5 pounds of weight on while on vacation. Easily!

Some of my favorite pictures from NOLA:

Unfortunately, since I’ve been home I have only gotten ONE workout in….ONE! That is insane! My only salvation is that I have not been at all sedentary. I’m horrifically behind on my TV programs…so it’s not like I’ve been sitting around watching TV and eating bonbons….but I hate that I have gotten so out of whack with the routine. I was doing so well at getting 5-6 days of exercise a week and now, since October 23, I’ve been averaging TWO days a week. UGH! I have a lot of work to do to get my groove back. I’m starting today. I’m running errands over lunch break so that I can go home and get my SECOND workout for this week in tonight. I need to…I have to. I don’t want to lose my awesome muscle definition. It’s so pretty!

Today I’m wearing a shirt I bought online at a plus-size store 3 or 4 years ago. Now…this doesn’t sound like a major accomplishment…I mean, why would I be bragging about wearing a plus size shirt? Well…when I received said shirt, it was OBVIOUS that it was made incorrectly as my size 14 sister couldn’t even get it over her chest. Well…today I’m wearing that shirt. It’s still tight around the waist but it fits and it looks good. I hate that it says 22/24 on the tag…so I might just cut the tag out….but I know in my heart I’m really wearing a size 14 jeans and generally speaking a Large or XL shirt….so I’ll sport this plus size one with pride anyway.

Relationship wise things are going amazing. For Thanksgiving I will get to meet his sister and her husband in Portland, OR, and then we will be doing some tax-free black-Friday shopping. This will be our first “road trip” together. Then on Sunday of that weekend we will be having a second Thanksgiving dinner and he will meet my whole family (heaven help him) for the first time. His mom is flying in the first week in December so I will get to meet her then. Below is a picture of us from a comedy show we went to a couple weeks ago. We don’t take a lot of pics together because he doesn’t like pictures of himself…I think he is adorable.

I have now spent a bit of time with his girls and that is going well too. Here is a pic of the day we went to the zoo together. I adore them…and they are young enough to not yet resent me, so that is good. :)

As for the intestinal issues, all tests came back normal. However my doctor advised me at the time to stop taking my vitamin and fiber supplements, which I have since done, to see if it made any difference. In addition I started taking a probiotic on advice from my nutritionist about a week before the doctor visit. Things have normalized again for the most part and I feel so much better. I can’t say for sure if it is the probiotic or if it is discontinuing the supplements, but something is working. Thank goodness!

I am scheduled for a fill on Monday the 28th. I feel like I need just a little top off, maybe a .25cc fill. I can eat more than is rational so it is time. I also am seeking food more often and hungry between meals. I’m hoping this fill will also help my self-control through the holidays, because heaven knows I didn’t do great with the Halloween candy being in the house! OY!

And finally, I have graduated from the “insurance required nutrition program”. Yesterday was my last meeting with my telephone nutritionist. I have officially lost 72lbs since our first telephone session in November of last year. I am considered a gastric banding success since I lost something like 60% of my excess body weight in one year. Yay me! While the scheduled phone calls are over, I plan to continue to track my food during the week on spark people as I have been as it really helps me stay accountable through the week. I have not tracked on weekends up to now…I habit I’m sure I will continue since it is working for me for now. I will change things if problems arise.

I gotta get back to work. I will report back on my progress with getting my exercise mo-jo back.