Tuesday, October 4, 2011

So long Lane Bryant...I'm so over you!

Today's outfit...JCP Corduroy pants size 14...that is a missy size 14...not a Women's Plus 14...not a 14W, or even a Lane Bryant 14...it's just a plane 'ole 14. The sweater is a Kenneth Cole XL from Costco. And in the "TMI" category, panties are size XL and Bra is 38DDD (down from a 42H originally) from Nordstrom. I'm a little sad to see the bubbies go...but happy in general. :)

So long Lane Bryant!

Weight this morning, 191.6


  1. I have a pair of those exact pants in burgundy, same size and everything. If you want them, they're yours! email me at ronda035 at y@hoo dot com and I'll drop them in the mail.
    Congrats to you!