Friday, October 14, 2011

Love....and update on doctor's visit

We said I love you today....*swoon*....I knew it was coming soon. He was holding it back because of a story I told about when my ex told me he loved me....I'm thinking now that I should never have told him that story. Regardless...we have admitted our love for each other. I'm all smiles. :)  We've also talked about the upcoming holidays and he is going with me to my family's Thanksgiving Dinner. I'm stunned....I was with James for 4 years and he fought me every time a holiday came around about going to see family. Scott is excited to meet my family and to introduce me to his. :)

As an update to my earlier post about my intestinal issues, I saw my doctor today. I don't have any information yet but she ordered a ton of tests, looking for celiac disease, checking magnesium and other levels, looking for parasites, infection and other things. She said it is going to take some time to get all the results back and we will go from there. So really, I have no information, except to say that she actually wants me to take a softer laxative more often (which surprised me)...she said not to let it get to 4-5 days between movements before taking something stronger.

FitBy40 suggested lactose and gluten intolerance. I can try a gluten tolerance diet but need to get the results back from the celiac test first. I read online that doing the diet will make the allergy test come back negative and could prolong getting a diagnosis. You might be on the right track though, thanks for the suggestion!

Also, my doctor is testing for c.diff due to my history with antibiotics, another great suggestion (thanks Amanda!). She also said to keep up with the probiotics that I started a week ago.

She suggested it could possibly be my gall bladder since I've lost so much weight. She said it is possible for it to be GB without other symptoms but that if it is it would be difficult to justify removing it if I'm not having the acute attacks usually associated with galls stones.

So...that's that for now. I'm looking forward to getting some of these test results back. Thanks for everyone's input!


  1. I'm still voting for Celiac (gluten) but I could be way off! I'm so glad your doc seems to be right on top of things and wants to get answers! I did 21 days with no gluten and saw no change, then gave up dairy and voila! no more gas and bloating. I didn't want to go to the doc for the tests because our insurance sucks.
    Good luck, and congrats on the new LOVE!

  2. I didn't even thing about your GalBladder! Lots of people have had issues with that!

    Good luck girlie! Oh and blush blush on the new love! yay!

  3. Thank you for the swoon :-)

    Hope they get you a diagnosis soon. Hugs!