Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In other news…mushy boyfriend related....

Now...after that TMI post...

My budding romance is going well. To answer Lap Band Gal’s question, I told him the first time we went to dinner about the band. He’s had a few questions about it, and apparently knows someone with bypass so has asked how it compares. Our relationship is extremely open, we talk about everything under the sun. I don’t think there is anything at this point he doesn’t know about me.

When it comes to dining together, I’m very fortunate with my current band fill to be able to eat a reasonable quantity of any food without any issues. So the night I made him spaghetti, I was able to partake in a small portion myself. The hard part was not going back for more! I’ve cooked a couple of things for him, and sometimes he lets me just share in his portion which is usually enough for me. He loves my cooking…which I love because I love cooking for someone.

We have just celebrated 3 whole weeks together…feels like longer. We talk about the future all the time. We are uber-mushy with each other…any other guy this would have annoyed the hell out of me this early on but from him I love it. We have not, however, said “the L-word” yet…I’m feeling it though…and I’m fairly certain he is too. He sends me “I <3 you” text messages all the time but he has never said the actual word. We’ve talked around it about 38 different ways….”I’m crazy about you”, “I adore you”, “I’m falling for you”, etc….but no “I love you” yet. I think I might die when we finally say it. :)

I officially updated my Facebook status to “in a relationship” the other day…so the word is out on the street. My ex-flame (RC) even commented on it. It was weird when I saw that he had left a comment, I felt like I should feel something, but I didn’t know what. Maybe that just means I’m finally over him. It only took 3 years and falling for another man to finally get RC out of my system.

I can’t believe I finally met someone that treats me the way I thought I should have been treated all along. He is open, honest, respectful and caring. He is interested in who I am as a person, enough so take the time to get to know me. He contacts me several times a day just to tell me he is thinking of me. It’s weird now when I read old blog posts about RC and how madly in love I was with him…it is striking to see the differences in that relationship versus this one. I’ve never “wished” that Scott would take the initiative to contact me…I’ve never had to because he does it all the time. I’ve never had to ask him to make time to spend with me because he offers it freely. I’ve never had to wonder how he was truly feeling because he tells me regularly. As madly in love with RC as I was, our relationship was flawed from the start. The stark contrast…the finding of someone who is pretty much everything I ever wished for…it’s truly eye-opening. Early on I said that Scott was displaying “Lyall-like qualities”, Lyall being the only GOOD/HEALTHY relationship I’ve ever had. Scott has surpassed even him.

Now…if only we had the same taste in music. LOL

With all this, we are still waiting to introduce me to his girls. If anyone has any advice on how to handle THAT…I’ll take it. He has 2 girls, 2 and 4 years old. At this point, I have suggested (and he has discussed) with the ex that she meet me first when she is ready, because I think this is what I would want if I had children. However, we aren’t going to wait forever for her to come around…but for right now we are ok waiting longer. He is amicable with the ex…I don’t want to jeopardize that in any way. I think their ability to get along is EXTREMELY important to the children. I’m a product of fighting ex’s…I wouldn’t wish that on any child so I will do my part to try to keep this going in a positive direction. I’m scared to death to meet them though. I’m sure you will hear from me when that gets scheduled. I’m a believer in waiting to meet the children until a couple is solid and sure they have a future so as not to chance exposing children to multiple relationships. We have been doing so well that we are both pretty confident in our relationship, but there is no harm in giving it more time. It has, after all, only been 3 weeks.

Last weekend Scott met two of my not-so close friends. This weekend he’s meeting a bunch of very close friends at a game night/potluck. He plans on introducing me to his Mom when she is in town in November, and his best friend is due out from Michigan in November but he is coming the weekend I will be in New Orleans so I will have to wait to meet him another time. I’m dying to meet his sister…he has forwarded emails to me that they have written to each other about me, she seems awesome…hilarious. I think we will get along quite well.

I think that is all to share. Again…feel free to advise how to handle the meeting of the kids/ex-wife. I’ve never gotten this far down a path with a man with kids and ex-wife before, so I’m nervous.


  1. Thanks for the update :) Glad to hear that things are going well. HUGS!

  2. Sounds good!! No advice with the girls as I've never been in the same situation but let us know how it goes!! Xx