Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back at the sweet spot and loving it!

I don’t know if it’s this last fill finally taking full effect or if I’m a little tighter right now due to hormones…but I love it. I’m actually on “mushies” right now due to getting a little stuckish on Sunday after over-indulging on tortilla chips (WOHOO! Finally my band restricts tortilla chips! Hallelujah!) and I’ll tell ya, I’ve never been this “satisfied” on a mushy diet before. Usually I’m wanting food pretty badly by the time next meal/snack rolls around, but not now. I’m satiated for nice longgg periods. I love this!

Today a VERY skinny woman that works in my office (I’m talking 5’3", maybe 100 lbs) commented on my weight loss while we waited for an elevator. This is not someone I know, but I have seen her in passing to the bathroom over the last year. She said “you have lost a massive amount of weight”…and I replied with thanks and that I still had a long way to go. She asked why and I explained that I wanted to get into the “healthy BMI” range which would take another 50 lbs...she was shocked. SHOCKED that I could stand to lose 50 more pounds! I’ve never had someone be “shocked” and think I didn’t need to lose that much more. DAMN! That felt good.

It helps that I was wearing my very cute size 16W white denim capris from JCP and my slate blue size XL dolman sleeve top from Costco…a very slimming look, indeed. I feel pretty. :)

Weight this morning, still 197.8….but I was HORRIBLE Saturday…lots of grazing on meatballs and other such things at a party over an 8 hour period. I deserve every bit of any weight retaliation.

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  1. Same with me! People are shocked when I say I need to lose 50 more lbs!