Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hey...there's some muscle under all that fat

So the fun thing about working out is watching your shape change. Last night I was looking at my loosening skin in the mirror and I noticed something. If I tilt just right so that all my "fat" falls to the center, you can ACTUALLY see abdominal muscles forming. I used to joke that I had rock-hard abs under my protective layer of fat. I honestly don't think this is a joke anymore....they are really in there!

Same with my batwings....if you ignore the dangling fat UNDER my arms, I have some pretty nice guns forming. Those I can share with you :)  Please pardon my post-workout sweaty mess.


  1. Holy Sh*t! look at those guns! AMAZING!!!!!

  2. Lookin good! You are kicking some A**!
    New Follower ~

  3. Awesome!!!!! I love working on my arms. I can feel the muscle getting bigger!