Friday, July 22, 2011

XXL is larger than Women's 2X? Who knew?

I learned this today after I brought home two tube tops I bought on clearance from Old Navy...just like the tube top I ordered online, but in XXL instead of 2X. HUGE difference! Is this like everywhere or is this limited to Old Navy? Am I really in a XL or an L now? I'm so confused.

I had had an EPIC sliming/PB'ing experience today. Oopsie. I got up at 6am, worked out, drank a protein shake and then ran off to start my day of errands. By noon I was starving for lunch and went to a Teriyaki place who was crazy busy. By the time I finally got my order I was FAMISHED and I apparently ate too fast. Not much, mind you...I got exactly 3 bites of chicken and 1 gyoza down before I got stuck. I know I didn't chew the chicken enough, and I know my bites were WAY too big. But wow...I've never had a stuck episode like this before.

I slimed/foamed/PB'd for TWO HOURS...IN PUBLIC! UGH!!!  Thank goodness I had a roll of my dog's poopy bags in the car. When I first got stuck I thought it wasn't going to be that bad, I just ate a little too fast but was not really stuck, so I stopped eating and went into the Goodwill to shop for some pants. I walked in...started getting all juicy and walked right back out to my car. With each step I was praying that I could at least make it to my car so that I could hide behind my car door for whatever was about to happen. Remember, I walk with a crutch...there is no "running" for I just had to go as fast as I could...which isn't very get back to the car. Once I finally PB'd (after 15 minutes of sliming), I thought it was all over and headed back into the store...NOPE. WRONG....walked right back out of the store AGAIN...repeating the entire process. After 30 minutes of that nightmare, I decide to drive on to the next location...I didn't want to walk back into Goodwill for a third time.

So now I'm driving in my car while still continuing to slime....but fortunately I've lost enough weight that I can bend over in my car behind the steering wheel so no one can hopefully see me spitting into a dog poop bag at every red light...which there seemed to be a ton of.  I get to Old Navy and park, and continue sliming/spitting and then thank heavens PB'ing AGAIN into the bag. Ok...3 PB's...that's gotta be enough to be in the clear now, right? So I try a couple sips of water to rinse out my mouth and walk in the store. Fortunately, I took another dog poop bag in the store in my purse...because it wasn't even 5 minutes before I was standing IN THE STORE PBing into the bag. UGH...another hasty retreat back to the car and another 40 minutes and 2 PB's more before I finally finished. At some point I think I started bargaining with God to let it end...then towards the end I wondered at what point I should call my surgeon and ask for an unfill...I was really getting worried that it was never going to end. It did, thank heavens, finally clear and I was able to get on with my day. I'm on liquids for the rest of today and I think mushies starting tomorrow evening...gotta check my manual on that. I'm so mad at myself...but I'm so glad it did end without me needing an unfill. UGH...such a public incident!

I brought the leftover Teriyaki Chicken home and CHOPPED IT INTO TINY PIECES before storing it in the hopefully this won't happen again.

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