Tuesday, July 12, 2011


216.8…I’m headed down again.

When I was a big “Atkins” message board junky, we used to talk about the “wait and whoosh” type losers…and I knew then that this was what I am….someone who loses a bunch during one part of the month and then the scale jumps up and down the rest of the month…so you just have to wait for the whoosh of weight loss to come along. Mine apparently came this last week since I just posted about “still being at 220” a week ago.

I have reclaimed my fridge and thrown away much of the nasty temptations out of the house. It’s strange…some tempting foods I can keep around without them being a problem…but I have my limits, and some food is more tempting than others. For example: there was a container of someone else’s homemade chocolate chip cookies…they weren’t even “good” chocolate chip cookies…but they were there, calling my name all the time. Those I found hard to resist for some reason. I finally just threw them away. However, in my cabinet is a package of mini reese’s peanut butter cups…arguably my most favorite candy of all time. That package has been in there for over a month. I can EASILY eat only one serving of these a WEEK (a serving is 7 pieces at 120 calories if I remember correctly), just eating one or two every couple days to give me a little tiny sweet fix. How come these don’t call my name from the other rooms in the house? Also, I made cinnamon rolls for me and a friend this weekend. There is still one sitting in the fridge. I forget it’s there because it’s not beckoning me either. But the leftovers from that party? It’s like they were taunting me. I don’t get my brain…I really don’t.

I did end up turning the rest of those buns into bread crumbs which are now bagged up in my freezer. No wonder “breaded” food is so high calorie (even if you don’t consider the oil). One bun does NOT make a lot of crumbs! The chili I made from the burgers….OMG…so delicious. I think I should make chili this way from now on!

I’m getting my groove back with the 6 days a week of exercise…but I’m not 100% yet. I fully intended on getting up early this morning to do today’s workout because I have a Neighborhood Watch meeting after work tonight, but my tummy is giving me strange issues the last couple days (by tummy I mean intestines…not the banded portion) so I didn’t work out as I had planned. Now I gotta figure out a way to make it happen WITH the meeting tonight so I don’t miss today all together.

My wardrobe is continuing to shrink. My closet, which used to be stuffed to the maximum, is now only half full. I did get my order from Old Navy the other day and am SOOOOO pleased with how well everything fit and looked. It was fun to try on new clothes in smaller sizes and actually LIKE how they look. I’m still just in an 18 pant, though I probably could zip up a size 16 in the cute shorts I bought from ON but they probably wouldn’t look good. I have 2 plaid skirts from Eddie Bauer in size 18 from back in the day (that is a “true” size 18, not an 18W) that I can zip up now but I think they still will have to wait another 10 lbs before they will be suitable to wear in public. At least they zip again…there was a time I couldn’t get them past my knees.

Being banded during summer “festivals” has been interesting. I’ve gone to two so far. Two weeks ago I went to the “Taste of Tacoma” food festival. I was fortunately there with friends and they allowed me bites of things they were eating…which is by far the best way to do that event because then you actually get to try different things. In my opinion they don’t do these food festivals well. Why on earth would you sell FULL size large portions of food at an event that is intended to give people a chance to TRY different local restaurants? They are soooo missing the boat on this. If I was running the show, each place would be required to offer at LEAST 2 sample size menu items at reduced price (like maybe $1-$2 depending on the size)….but no, that is not how they operate. If you are LUCKY they might have one item set at a sample size for $2, but it is not a requirement so most don’t bother with it. As a result, if you want to eat, for the most part you are forced to pick one place and go for a full meal. Like I said, I was lucky that I was there with two other girls who let me just have a bite of what they ordered. In the end I did also buy an elephant ear…a festival favorite of mine. I ate about ¼ of it, sharing the rest with my friends. Pretty good day if you ask me.

Then this last weekend I went to another street fair with one of my friends. Early in the day we split a corn dog (she isn’t banded…just willing to share), and then later I had a Gyro…omg…I think I’m in love with Gyro’s now. It was from an authentic Greek restaurant. Unfortunately the thing was HUGE and I wanted to finish it so bad. We did not split this one because she doesn’t like Feta and I do…it was hard to throw 1/3 of it away but I did. It was so tasty and delicious though. But that was ALL I had at that festival. Now don’t get me wrong…I was a little “bummed” that I couldn’t gorge on all the tasty items they had out there like I used to…but look at my weight! I lost weight this weekend! That would have never happened pre-band!

There is YET ANOTHER festival this weekend. I’m so excited to go, and so pleased at how much easier it is to control myself in these situations!


  1. that's a great NSV, being able to go to normal stuff with friends and partake a little, and move on. Think about the old you and how much you would've eaten at those festivals!
    Great job.

  2. I love street fests! I haven't been to one since being banded. But I think if I went my husband would gain because I would make him buy everything and let me taste it! Ha!