Tuesday, June 14, 2011

220.8 and currently at my sweet spot!

My dalliance back into the 230’s didn’t last long…as the weekend and/or period water weight started to shed, it came off fast. Thank goodness! The .25 fill I had just before leaving for Whistler has finally kicked in and has me at a perfect “sweet spot” right now. I even survived my period without eating a horse…or a large bag of Doritos.

I had a weird experience last Thursday that caused me to not exercise for the last few days. Due to dinner plans last Wednesday evening, I did my regular workout Tuesday night for 1 hour on the elliptical and then an hour again first thing Wednesday morning before work. Both sessions were heavy sweat sessions so apparently I lost a ton of electrolytes. I thought I had myself covered by drinking a G2 after both sessions and upping my potassium supplement but considering what happened over the next few days, I guess I was wrong. Wednesday night I had my usual “low potassium” leg/foot cramps over night, so I knew my potassium was low and thus supplemented all day. Regardless, Thursday I continued to feel tired but not enough to trigger any serious concern.

However, when my trainer showed up at 7pm for our workout, things suddenly went crazy. On our first exercise my arms fatigued way too soon….but what was worse was that I kept getting dizzy. At first I thought I was just going through my usual “first 12 minutes are the hardest” doldrums, but it didn’t let up. About 10 exercises into a 15 exercise session I gave up. The dizziness was freaking me out, the fatigue wasn’t making any sense…I just couldn’t do it anymore. I apologized to Mark and sent him home and then mildly freaked out. I had so much I still had to get done that night, which included a trip to the grocery store. I drove to the store and then proceeded to sit in the car for 5 minutes before going in feeling like I was going to hurl. I finally went in and bought just what was on my list and nothing more (which is so unlike me!), and then came home to get started on my shredded beef recipe that needed to be finished by morning.

I continued doing all the work for the beef to get it in the slow cooker before I could get into bed. Finally getting to bed about 11pm, I realized I hadn’t eaten anything since about 3pm…but the thought of food was not appealing at all. I set my alarm for 5am so I could turn off the slow cooker and then went to bed…and proceeded to be plagued for the rest of the night by continuous Charlie horses in my ankles and toes. UGH! So obnoxiously painful! I didn’t get a minutes rest that night. I drank more G2 and took more potassium but it was just a long, LONG night.

Friday I was up early to shred the slow cooked beef, but was just utterly wiped out from the lack of sleep the night before. It was a challenging day. Then at one point my knees actually buckled and I fell into the dishwasher…haven’t had my knee’s buckle in forever. By now I decided I needed a blood test for sure because this was getting out of control.

So results from the blood test are in, and after 48 hours of supplementing the hell out of myself with prescription potassium, my blood serum level was at a whopping 3.8….3.7 is the start of the normal range. So clearly it was low before.

I’m once again contemplating discontinuing use of my water pill…but am so not looking forward to the 10 lb rebound of weight and the puffy legs. I just can’t decide how to deal with this.

Anywho…it’s hard to post very often due to limitations at work and my workout schedule but I do try to read everyone’s blogs on my phone. I just can’t reply on my phone, which ticks me off. Anyone know of an app that allows me to read AND comment? I’m currently using Google Reader…I can’t believe it doesn’t let me comment. UGH!

That’s all for today…can’t wait to get below 220!!!


  1. I'm glad you got the weirdness figured out! Take care of yourself :)

  2. goodness that sounds really scary and I am glad you sorted it out!!

    You are having great weight loss lady! You will be in onderland so soon!