Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Goofy Pics :) I am...on my period...and able to eat like a cow. I hope this ends soon. I'd really like the scale to start moving down again...and I'd really like to feel like I have some bit of control over my food again...that would be nice. The crap we women go not funny.

In the mean time...check this out! Yesterday I walked through the park and back to my neighborhood watch meeting...which I'm counting as 20 minutes of exercise. But not only that, I also did 1 hour on the elliptical...and I took a picture of a couple milestones. 

First....2000 REVOLUTIONS! Wohooo! I'm getting faster! says I burned 500 calories...I don't know if it's right, but it's not near as "forgiving" with the calories as the ellipticals at the gym I used to go to where 1 hour would supposedly net me 1200 calories. I don't know if it's even close to right, but I don't care...I just liked the number. :)

Now a bunch of goofy shots of my sweaty self...It's hard to take a self pic!

 These were the best of the 10 I attempted...

Ok, after a while the flash was just blinding so I started closing my eyes.
Well this just doesn't even look like goofy I had to post it!
I know...I'm silly. I believe this is one of my finer qualities.

Can I just say...CHECK OUT THOSE ARMS! Now...what you can't see, due to a fantastic camera angle, is my bat wings...but DAMN! Don't they look a little sculpted from these pics??? I'm quite proud of my little guns. :)  Now if the batwings would just go away....

But batwings aren't my only problem...what the hell is THIS???

Do you see those wrinkles in my neck skin???? WTH? I'm not old enough for granny neck! ACK!!!

I'm going to go workout now...and dream of a world where I don't have dunlap belly, batwings, turkey waddle neck or you know...fantasy land. :)

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  1. OMG, I'm noticing the neck thing in me too! I've been putting lotion on every day after the shower to try to combat that, but I don't know if it works!