Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm in the 220's!!!!!

229.8 to be exact! I'm so freakin thrilled! 30 pounds to go till onederland, 26 pounds till I bust past my lowest adult weight!

I found a box full of size 20 pants in the garage this weekend. I'm now covered for clothing through the summer. By fall a new wardrobe will probably be in order. For YEARS I have had quite a collection of "someday I'll fit these again" items that I am happy to say almost all of those things are currently hanging in my closet. I only have one tiny box of size 16 items left to fill the gaps through this journey. I cleaned out my closet this weekend and got rid of a lot of stuff that is just too big. I kept several items that I can still get away with for a little longer simply because I gotta have something to wear.

Band wise, I do believe I am currently at a very sweet spot. I'm exercising still 5-6 days a week and eating between 1000 and 1700 calories a day...the higher end of the range on weekends. It is working perfectly. I couldn't be happier. Well...I suppose I could win the lottery and fall in love...that might make me happier...but this weight thing is going so well that I'm good for now! :)

And finally...yesterday I wore my very sexy Naturalizer leather boots to work...aren't they hot! I've had these for 7 years...first time wearing them!!!


  1. Congratulations!!!!! You look great! Keep up the good work.