Sunday, April 17, 2011

Doritos are my Kryptonite

Somebody has to save me from myself. I need like an internal cattle prod that will zap me whenever I attempt to buy a bag of Doritos under the flawed logic of “I’ll just limit myself to one serving a day or less”…because, yeah….that has worked so well for me so far.

My scale is FINALLY moving down again as of this morning…now that the aforementioned Doritos are finally GONE from my house. Today I got a 234 on the scale…and it was a lovely site to see.

My fill from last Monday is finally starting to kick in…i.e., I’m finally eating dense enough foods to notice the difference….and just in case anyone ever wondered, Doritos aren’t dense enough to make you feel very full very long. I’m sure most of you thought this goes without saying…but I will find any justification I can latch on to just for the savory flavor of fake nacho-cheese.

I know the fill is working because I’ve actually gotten “stuck-ish”…twice. One was late Saturday night during an “eff – it” eating frenzy (here is where being banded really comes in handy) and one was eating a rational sized dinner too fast after a day of yard work and strenuous exercise. You see…I’m not one of those girls that isn’t hungry after working out…no…I’d like to punch those girls. Sadly, I’m insanely hungry to the point of shaking when I’m done working out and/or doing a lot of strenuous work…and my feeble brain interprets this crisis as the need to eat faster…which guess what…doesn’t work with the band. As such, after spending 1 hour doing my intense circuit training and then 4 hours on yard work, I came in the house shaking and starving and apparently attempted to inhale my dinner. My rather large bites of dinner stopped going down about 4 bites in and spent 15 minutes trying to swallow the last bite I took.

So I don’t know if technically these incidents are called “stuck” since I just couldn’t swallow and had to wait it out before things started moving again (about 5-15 minutes) since I didn’t PB or Vomit or anything like that (if it counts, I really wished I could just burp it back up). I was uncomfortable but not in the immense amount of pain I’ve seen others post about….so I’m not totally sure how to refer to these incidents. What I do know is that I ate too much the first time and too fast the second time. My fault.

I also know it wasn’t food specific incidents…because I’ve eaten both items since with no problem. Thank goodness…cuz I would DIE if I could never eat my scrumdiddlyumtious chicken enchiladas ever again! DIE I TELL YOU!

In the “be careful what you ask for” department…3 weeks ago I posted on my FB page that I would “be happy where I am now if I never lost another pound”…and then didn’t lose another pound for 3 weeks. Watch what you ask for, folks…cuz you just might get it!


  1. Have you tried having a little milk right before a work out? I exercise at 5am. so there's no way in hell I could eat before that. Instead, I have about 4 ounces of soy milk before heading to the gym,. It helps to prevent a blood sugar drop. Give it a try.

  2. Sounds stuck to me!

    I'd eat a snack during your work out. Something high protein.